LGBTQ Providence – Since The Beginning of Time

One of the oldest cities in the United States is Providence, Rhode Island. It’s founded on the pillars of tolerance and respect for individual beliefs. Today, those principles are still valued in a metropolis that has many things to be proud of. From the beautiful architecture to top-rated restaurants, there’s a little something for everyone.

A Quick History of Providence

Providence was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams, a religious exile from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He named the area in honor of “God’s merciful Providence.” It was one of the first cities in the country to industrialize and was known for textile manufacturing.

Today, Providence is home to seven institutions of higher learning that have shifted the economy into the services industry. It’s also a place of inclusion, equality, and overall acceptance.   

Fun Providence Facts

  • Like Rome, it was built on 7 hills.
  • 75% of Rhode Island’s inhabitants live within 15 miles of Providence.
  • The first diner was started in Providence in the 1800s.
  • Horror writer H.P. Lovecraft’s house is in Providence.
  • It has 75% more gay relationships than the rest of the country.

Here are some more fun facts about Providence.

The LGBTQ Providence Community

Rhode Island Pride

This center is one of the largest and most comprehensive LGBTQIA+ community non-profit places serving Rhode Island and the surrounding areas. They work to commemorate our diverse heritage, raise awareness of issues, and celebrate achievements in equality.

The Rhode Island LGBT Center

The center provides a safe, visible, and inclusive place for the RI LGBTQ community. They work to create greater understanding for the municipality and beyond.

Providence and the Weather

Providence has a humid continental climate that borders on a subtropical one. The summers are hot, and the winters are cold. The city has high humidity year-round and the Atlantic ocean keeps it warmer than most inland cities. January is the coldest month and July is the warmest.

Monthly precipitation ranges from a high of 4.43 inches to a low of 3.17 inches. Levels are slightly less in the summer than winter months.

Events Not to Miss

Rhode Island Pridefest and Parade

Held every June in beautiful downtown Providence, the Pridefest gives you access to over 250 non-profit organizers, food vendors, and local businesses. The main stage provides all-day entertainment to over 100,000 attendees.

Top Providence Queer Neighborhoods

There is no definitive “gayborhood” in Providence because the LGBTQ population is spread throughout the city. There are some key neighborhoods you might want to start with. That includes:

Downtown Providence

This is the city’s business hub and is where the neoclassical State House sits with its marble dome. The area has hip brewpubs, trendy restaurants, and walking paths that skirt the Providence River. Bonfires are lit several times a year for the WaterFire art show, which provides 15,000 square feet of uninterrupted exhibition.

The median cost for a home in Downtown Providence is $565,000 and homes are selling for an average of $332/sqft. The area typically has around 9 homes for sale.

The neighborhood has unique shopping and gorgeous scenery. It’s bounded on the east by Canal Street and also houses the Providence Performing Arts Center, a 1928 movie palace that stages live shows.

West End

The West End is located in the southwestern part of the city in the area often referred to as the South Side. It is bounded by Westminster Street to the north and Huntington Avenue to the south. The historic urban neighborhood is bustling with revitalization where homes have been renovated and sidewalks repaired.

The median cost for a home in the West End is $204,900 and homes are selling for an average of $199/sqft. The area typically has around 18 homes for sale.

The community is fostered with the help of the West Broadway Neighborhood Association (WBNA) who organize and connect neighbors to promote the diverse and historic community. The area has places to shop, eat, and play.

Lower South Providence

The Lower South Side is a neighborhood in the southern part of the city that is bounded from upper South Providence by Public Street. Living in this area has a dense suburban feel with a homey nature.

The median cost for a home in Lower South Providence is $167,350 and homes are selling for an average of $136/sqft. The area typically has around 17 homes for sale.

This area is home to lots of bars, cafes, and boutiques. There is also an abundance of parks. So, this is a great neighborhood for nature lovers.

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Arts and Entertainment

RISD Museum

The RISD Museum was founded on the belief that artists help to promote broad civic engagement and create more open societies. Established in 1877, it’s a part of a creative and vibrant community representing diverse cultures. It has an excellent eclectic collection of glassware, art, pottery, sculptures, etc.

Roger Williams Park Zoo

One of the best zoos in the country, the Roger Williams Park Zoo is home to over 150 animals from around the world: all in natural settings. Founded in 1872, it became the first zoo to earn accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in New England.

Parks and Recreation

Waterplace Park

This urban park is located right downtown on the Woonasquatucket River. Finished in 1994, the park is connected to ¾ mile of paved pedestrian walkways, all in cobblestone. This is known as the Riverwalk and is peppered with beautiful Venice-style pedestrian bridges. Concerts are often held here in the summer as well.

India Point Park

Located in the Fox Point neighborhood, this chill park sits at the confluence of the Seekonk and Providence River. It features soccer fields, rolling hills, and water views.

Check out This Nightlife

Providence Eagle

This unassuming and busy gay bar is marked with a huge painted eagle. Craft cocktails and lively leather events are also part of the experience.   


This casual gay bar is a dance club that features karaoke, DJs, and live drag shows.

EGO Providence

This energetic gay bar has a vibrant dance floor, DJs, stage, and regular lineup of events.

Providence has a rich history with a diverse range of resources for the community. It’s a gorgeous city to live in with great prices and fun events. Any new resident won’t be disappointed with perfect Providence!