Philadelphia: The Birthplace of Diversity and Acceptance

You can’t get more diverse than living in the “City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.” The metropolis was basically founded on the principle of equality and is the birthplace of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It also happens to be the perfect city for an LGBTQ transplant looking for adventure.

A Quick History of Philly

Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the country and the sixth-most populous. It was founded in 1682 by William Penn, an English Quaker. The municipality played a significant role in the American Revolution as the meeting place for our founding fathers. It is where the declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 and is rich in history.

Philadelphia was the first city to launch a major marketing campaign for LGBTQ tourism. Today, the many colleges and universities make it a top place for education. As of 2019, the GMP of the city hit $490 billion.

Fun Philadelphia Facts

  • The Philadelphia Zoo is the oldest in the country. It opened in 1859.
  • The mint took three years to produce its first million coins.
  • Philly’s first business was a beer brewery called the Philadelphia Brewing Company.
  • With over 2,000 outdoor murals, it’s the mural capital of the U.S.
  • The city has the largest collection of sculptor work outside of Paris.

Here are some more fun facts about Philadelphia.

The LGBTQ Philadelphia Community

William Way LGBT Community Center

The William Way Center is a non-profit organization that aims to serve the LGBTQ population of Philadelphia. The center was founded in 1975 and their program includes large archives of queer documents and facts.

Marc David LGBTQ Center

Located on the University of Pennsylvania campus, the center features everything from events and meet-ups to education and empowerment conferences.

Philly Weather 101

Philadelphia falls under the northern periphery of the humid subtropical climate zone. The city has a temperate maritime climate that’s limited to the north by the continental climate. Summers are muggy and hot, while spring and fall are generally mild.

Snowfall can be highly variable in Philly. Some winters have light dustings while others can include major snowstorms. Normal seasonal snowfall averages 22.4 inches with precipitation generally spread throughout the year.

Events Not to Miss

Philly Pride

Every June downtown comes alive with Philly Pride and parade. The event runs along a 1.5-mile route through Center City (gayborhood). It starts at 11 a.m. and sees more than 25,000 participants every year.


This is the world’s largest party for coming out. It’s an LGBTQ Pride event that is associated with “National Coming Out Day” and takes place downtown. Outfest attracts more than 30,000 people every year and takes place in October.

Top Philadelphia LGBTQ Neighborhoods

The entire city of Philadelphia is inclusive, but there are certain areas that the LGBTQ community might feel more comfortable. Here are a few to consider:

Washington Square West

This is the gayborhood of Philly. It’s a neighborhood in downtown that corresponds to the area between 7th and Broad Streets. It’s a desirable residential community with a diverse array of shops, coffee houses, and restaurants. The area contains a multitude of gay-friendly establishments and is home to “Outfest” every year.

The median price for homes in the Washington Square West neighborhood is $453,700 with an average cost of $418 per square foot. The area typically has around 46 active listings with 131 median days on the market.

The real estate in the area is a mix of commercial and residential. It’s characterized by 2 to 4 story rowhouses that are interspersed with mid-rise apartments and condos. There is also a lot of office space with ground-floor retail.


This is a coveted neighborhood on Philadelphia’s northwest side. Manayunk is known as the place to come for drinks in the city. It’s filled with eclectic bars and unique eateries. The area has Victorian-style homes, lofts, and rowhouses that hug the Schuylkill Riverbanks.

The median price for homes in the Manayunk neighborhood is $269,900 with an average cost of $194 per square foot. The area typically has around 29 active listings.

The steep incline of the Manayunk Wall punishes bikers every year in an annual race. Cute galleries and boutiques line the streets punctuated with trendy bars.

Fitler Square

With a population of fewer than 2,000 people, Fitler Square is a residential neighborhood with a dense urban feel. The region is a mix of stately brick townhouses, quaint cafes, and hip wine bars. Fitler Square is known for the bronze turtle sculptures and the large Victorian-era water fountain.

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The median price for homes in the Fitler Square neighborhood is $657,850 with an average cost of $526 per square foot. The area typically has around 7 active listings.

Fitler Square takes its name from the leafy pocket park that hosts an annual spring fair with live music. Every Saturday, there is a year-round farmers’ market.

Arts and Entertainment

Philadelphia Museum of Art

This is the cultural heart of the city and a place for creative play. Originally chartered in 1876 for the Centennial Exposition, the size of the collection has over 240,000 pieces of art.

Parks and Recreation

Independence National Historical Park

This park preserves several sites associated with the American Revolution and America’s founding history. The 55-acre park is Philadelphia’s most-visited historic district, takes up 20 city blocks, and holds the Liberty Bell.

Check out This Nightlife


This longtime gay haunt offers cool theme nights, unlimited dancing, and tasty treats in the pub area.

U Bar

This unpretentious craft bar has an exposed brick interior and tons of beers on tap. It’s cozy, quaint, and will feel like home.

Boxers PHL

Who doesn’t love shirtless bartenders? This casual gay sports bar has billiards and serves up classic American food.

Philadelphia is a cultural trove of culinary, artistic, and ethnic diversity. Anyone in the LGBTQ would be happy to be a new resident here.