Lancaster, PA – Peaceful, Pastoral Gay-Positive Living

Lancaster, PA is located in the heart of pastoral Pennsylvania Dutch country, an older, cozier town with a population of 59,322, established in 1734. This is a pretty city with a lot of older Victorian architecture that is an ironic counterpoint to the shiny new shopping malls that are also part of the city landscape.  It is home to the Park City Center shopping mall, which is the largest indoor retail facility in all of Pennsylvania.  The city is known for its very hot summers and frosty winters.

There are a couple of very groovy gay-positive shopping areas in Lancaster including the North Queen Street area and the Prince Street Arts Corridor. The 300 Block of North Queen Street has art galleries, funky boutiques and many little cafes.

The popular area of North Queen Street also also has its own market that has been a fixture in the town square for over 275 years. This market area is on the record of the National Register of Historic places and known for its eccentric building built in the Romanesque Revival style. Many used to be warehouses and office that have now been turned into lovely condos.

The Prince Street Arts Corridor is similar and close to the PA School of Art and Design Gallery and is home to many people who artists, students and who have an alternative lifestyle.

Like most big cities most of the gay action is in the downtown district.  Famous gay bars and nightclubs include Character’s Pub, the Chameleon Club the Fulton Steamboat Inn (that is aboard a real steamboat!).  There is also a very well known lesbian hangout called the Sundown Lounge.

There are also many gay friendly churches that marry gay couples in Lancaster including the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster, the Grace United Church of Christ and the Inner Metro Green.  The city also has its own Loyal Order of Moose, a local pride support organization that also helps support the city’s annual Pride parade and LGBT community support programs.

The average price per square foot for a property in Lancaster PA as of June 2013 was $105 per square foot.   There is opportunity to obtain foreclosed homes with 432 homes being in the auction, pre-foreclosure or bank-owned stages of the process as of July 2013.  Also, as of July 2013 the average listing price for homes of sale in Lancaster PA was $240,197.00.

If you want to stay in a really wonderful old hotel while looking for a property in Lancaster there is the Lancaster Arts Hotel that is highly recommended by OUTtraveler, The Belvedere Inn and the Tally –Ho Tavern. Although the entire city is very LGBT friendly it is a good idea to consult with a resident Lancaster gay realtor who can show you available, affordable properties and orient you to the area.  For more information about the city in general you can go to  

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