Doylestown, PA Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Doylestown Gay Neighborhoods

Doylestown, Pennsylvania, is situated less than 30 miles from Philadelphia and only about 80 miles from New York City.  This means it’s a great place to live for commuters and those who want access to the big city without actually living there.  The city is home to less than 10,000 people, so it also has that small town feel to it. 

As one would expect from the home town of Dorothy Parker and Pink, Doylestown is quite welcoming.  In fact, there’s not really a gay district—the entire town is open, and LGBT people live in all areas of Doylestown.  It’s a beautiful community that’s rich in art, culture, and more.  The city also has an LGBT youth center and has passed anti-discrimination laws.

Condos in the area can range from $110,000 at the cheap end to $1.7 million on the most expensive.  Single family homes are the same: at the low end, they may cost around $140,000.  On the high end, they’re priced at $9.2 million.

Doylestown Gay Realtors