Minneapolis Gay City Guide: Land of the Lakes and LGBTQ Inclusion

Nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River lies the vivacious Twin Cities, otherwise known as Minneapolis. A hub of arts and culture, it’s a city with spirit. In this town, every neighborhood is a gayborhood and every door is open.

A Brief History of Minneapolis

When French explorers arrived in 1680, the Dakota Sioux were the region’s sole residents. The U.S. Army built Fort Snelling in 1819, which attracted settlers, traders, and merchants. The entire town was developed around the beautiful St. Anthony Falls, the highest waterfall on the Mississippi River.

The forests were a valuable resource for the lumber industry soon after. Minneapolis became the father of modern milling. Today, the city has one of the best park systems in the country and is abundantly rich in water. It’s a flourishing mecca for the LGBTQ community that leans more toward the arts, then it’s industrial birth.

Stats on Minneapolis

  • The city is home to a total of 13 lakes.
  • Minneapolis is one of the most giving cities in the country.
  • It’s the nation’s third most cycle-friendly city.
  • It has 11 acres of more than 30 art installations.
  • Minneapolis has the nation’s oldest sketch comedy.

Here are some more fun facts about Minneapolis.

The Community of Minneapolis

Outfront Minnesota

Founded in 1987 to fight for LGBTQ justice, Outfront is a resource for LGBTQ equality and liberation. Offering a variety of assets, from counseling to job searches, they’ve played an integral role in Minneapolis for over 30 years.


Reclaim works to provide culturally and financially accessible care to the LGBTQ youth community and their families.

Coming Soon: The Twin Cities LGBTQ Community Center

The Best Weather

The city has a hot summer and a humid continental climate. This is typical of the southern parts of the Upper Midwest. Prepare for winter. It can get very cold, but if you love the snow, this is the perfect city.

Minneapolis experiences a full range of precipitation that includes rain, sleet, ice, snow, and fog. The annual average for sunshine duration is 58%.

LGBTQ Events in the City

Twin Cities Pride Festival

Every June, Minneapolis holds its Pride celebration with over 400 exhibitor booths, 40 food vendors, and 4 stages, it’s an insanely good time. The two-day event starts with a parade and is capped off with fireworks on the last night.

GALA Choruses LGBTQ Festival

Minneapolis plays host in July to over 7,000 LGBTQ singers from hundreds of choruses around the world. The festival is in downtown Orchestra Hall and the Minneapolis Convention Center. The event generates millions of dollars for the community with over 200 performances in just 4 days.

Minneapolis Gayborhoods

The median price for a home in Minneapolis is $287,000 and the average cost is $256 per square foot. The city typically has an average of 1,500 homes for sale.

Like many gay-friendly cities, any neighborhood you choose will be welcoming, but here are a few where you’ll feel right at home:

Loring Park

Home to Twin Cities Pride, Loring Park is a charming neighborhood that is mainly residential. The area is known for its large green spaces. Loring Park has a lake and extensive hiking and biking trails.

The median sales price of a home in Loring Park is $322,000 with a cost of $262 per square foot. This area sees an average of 30 home sales a month.

The neighborhood also features cozy cafes, upscale new American restaurants, and independent shops. Loring Park is also home to the Minneapolis Convention Center, so if you do a lot of business there, this would be the perfect neighborhood.

Powderhorn Park

Located approximately three miles south of downtown, Powderhorn Park is home to the May Day Festival and Powderhorn Arts Festival. The area is residential, consisting of single-family homes, three-story apartment buildings, and duplexes.

The median sales price of a home in Powderhorn Park is $237,000 with a cost of $189 per square foot. This area sees an average of 14 homes sales a month.

The population of Powderhorn Park is approximately 9,000 people and it’s extremely diverse. Every year, the May Day Festival is held on the shores of a sparkling lake in Powderhorn Park itself.

Northeast Minneapolis

One of the newer LGBTQ neighborhoods, the Northeast neighborhood is located along Central Avenue and is home to a variety of gay establishments, art galleries, cafes, boutiques, microbreweries, etc. It’s a thriving gay-friendly scene.

The median sales price of a home in the Northeast neighborhood is $290,000 with a cost of $186 per square foot. This area sees an average of 95 homes sales a month.

In 2009, Northeast was named the city’s gayest neighborhood. It’s a resourceful community with affordable housing prices.

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Parks and Recreation

The park system in Minneapolis has been called the “best-designed, best-financed, and best-maintained” in America. You can find everything from lush green grass and hiking trails, to cascading waterfalls.

Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Park is a city park in Minnesota that’s home to the Minnehaha Falls. The Minnehaha Creek runs through the park and it’s also houses to the gorgeous Longfellow Gardens.

Arts and Entertainment

The Walker Art Center

The Walker Art Center is one of the five largest modern art museums in the U.S. It features multi-disciplinary contemporary art and an elegant sculpture garden. It’s the perfect place for date night or to chill on a Sunday afternoon.

The Nightlife

Gay 90s Minneapolis

A vibrant and sprawling club that features multiple bars and dance floors. Grab some pub grub and people watch. It’s a great time.


This gar bar and nightclub features events like the "Twin Cities Rubbermen meet and greet and the Pup handler weekend. They also serve up some delicious American fare with a Sunday brunch to die for.

Even though Minneapolis can get cold, it’s a hot city for the LGBTQ community. It has a history of fighting for gay rights and a strong foundation of allies. It’s the perfect place to transplant in the Midwest and find a happy queer community.