Ann Arbor LGBTQ City Guide

Ann Arbor is perhaps one of America’s most well-known college towns, and with good reason. The University of Michigan calls the city home, and that means there are plenty of students and university employees here, and the culture of the city and the school are definitely intertwined. Beyond being a college town though, it’s also often called “Tree Town,” for its beautiful tree-lined streets, and for the 157 municipal parks it has located within 25 square miles. It’s the 6th biggest city in Michigan, and a city full of plenty to see, do and enjoy. It's also a city with a diverse and thriving LGBTQ community and a progressive outlook. In fact, it was the first city in the country to have an openly gay candidate be elected to public office, back in 1974.  If you’re thinking of finding your next home here, chances are, you’ll find plenty about it to love!

A Look at Ann Arbor's History

Without question, Ann Arbor has long been a college town. Ann Arbor was initially founded in 1825 by John Allen of Virginia and Elisha Rumsey of New York. Both men had wives with the middle name Ann, for whom the town was named, along with “Arbor” for the many trees in the area.  Not long after its founding, in 1837, the city was chosen as the site for the University of Michigan, and it has been a well-known college town ever since. The city and university have always been intertwined, and the University certainly encouraged the city’s growth, eventually making it the sixth-largest city in the state of Michigan. In addition to its strong university culture, however, Ann Arbor is also home to several corporations and local businesses, and to many friendly people, diverse cultures, and welcoming neighborhoods.

A Few Fun Facts About Ann Arbor

  • Ann Arbor has no shortage of trees – 1.5 million trees, in fact, give or take a few. These trees naturally remove about 400 tons of pollution each year!
  • Ann Arbor ranks first among U.S. cities for the number of books sold per capita – and it is also the city where Borders Books first began its business.
  • The Fragel – a fried bagel with plenty of cinnamon and sugar – was invented in Ann Arbor.

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Ann Arbor’s LGBTQ Community                                   

Ann Arbor is a city that loves and supports its LGBTQ community with a variety of resources, including:

PFLAG Ann Arbor

PFLAG Ann Arbor is Ann Arbor’s local chapter of the national PFLAG organization, which is the largest grassroots organization of its kind in the country. PFLAG is well-known for its mission of supporting LGBTQ people, friends, family, and allies across the country in a wide variety of ways. With 500 chapters and more than 200,000 members in the United States, PFLAG plays a critical role in providing advocacy, support, and resources to the LGBTQ community.

Jim Toy LGBTQ Community Center

The mission of the Jim Toy community center is to provide a safe and welcoming space for the LGBTQ community in Ann Arbor and to provide events, resources, advocacy, and opportunities for connection to the LGBTQ community living in the greater Ann Arbor area.

What's the Weather Like in Ann Arbor?

Those who live in Ann Arbor can expect to experience each of the four distinct seasons each year. Summers are generally fairly mild and pleasant, with highs in July typically topping out at about 83ºF. Winters can often be cold and snowy, with lows in January often dropping down to around 17ºF. Spring and fall are typically pleasant and mild, and wonderful times to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Ann Arbor receives an average of 36 inches of rain each year, and 43 inches of snow.

Can’t-Miss Events in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Pride

The Ann Arbor Pride Festival is Ann Arbor’s annual LGBTQ pride celebration, and it’s one event that you won’t want to miss. This annual celebration includes family-friendly entertainment, plenty of vendors, speakers, excellent performances, delicious food, and plenty of opportunities to meet friends and have fun!

The Ann Arbor Art Fair

The Ann Arbor Art Fair is definitely a can’t-miss event in Ann Arbor each year for those who love great art – and also for those who simply enjoy having fun. This festival brings hundreds of local artists as well as artists from around the country, along with great food, live performances, and plenty of opportunities to have a great time with friends and family.

The Best Neighborhoods in Ann Arbor

Unlike some larger cities that tend to have one specific “gayborhood,” the LGBTQ community in Ann Arbor is sprinkled throughout the city, and truly, anywhere in the city would make a wonderful place to call home.  While many gays and lesbians live throughout Ann Arbor, there is an especially high concentration of LGBT people in Kerrytown.  This neighborhood is located northwest of the downtown section of the city.  Kerrytown is home to many LGBT businesses, and the neighborhood is full of friendly, welcoming people. The median list price of homes currently for sale in Kerrytown is $776,000.

Arts and Entertainment

Ann Arbor Film Festival

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is an annual film festival that was established in 1963 and is the fourth-oldest film festival in North America. The festival is well known for its excellent selection of films in a wide variety of genres, and it is definitely one event you want to put on your calendar each year. 

The Michigan Theatre

The Michigan Theater is a beautiful movie place and a perfect spot to enjoy a number of films, performances, and concerts throughout the year in a unique setting.

Parks and Recreation

Matthei Botanical Gardens

The University of Michigan Matthei Botanical Gardens is a beautiful Ann Arbor space showcasing a variety of plant species native to Michigan and from around the world, many beautiful natural areas with trails, and plenty of stunning spots to sit and enjoy a beautiful Ann Arbor afternoon.

Gallup Park

Gallup Park is a beautiful, 69-acre greenspace that is one of the most popular outdoor recreation spots in Ann Arbor. This centrally located park is full of beautiful walkways, picnic spots, playgrounds, and even canoeing and kayaking areas.

Ann Arbor Nightlife

Aut Bar

Aut Bar is a much-loved gay bar & grill in the city known for its excellent Mexican food, strong drinks, pool tables, and focus on community fundraising.

Club Necto

Club Necto is one of the city’s most popular dance clubs. It is known for its welcoming patio area, excellent live DJs, and frequent theme nights. Even better, Friday nights are usually Pride nights at the club. Don’t miss your chance to join in on the fun!

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