Gay Realtor Bethesda, MD – Life in A Smart, Rich Cultural Center

Bethesda is an affluent, wealthy city in southern Montgomery, Maryland. In terms of having handsome citizens, it was ranked by the magazine Total Beauty as being number one in the U.S.  for being home to “hot guys. Forbes also named Bethesda as the second most important of America’s most educated small towns.  The community of 60,000 people is home to The National Institutes of Health and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Facility. Over 80% of their residents have bachelor’s degrees and another 45% have graduate or professional degree.

Bethesda boasts gayborhoods and is considered to be a very progressive gay city even though the state of Maryland has yet to pass a law favoring gay marriage. According to State Attorney General Doug Gansler, it is expected that this will happen. The state is also trying to put a decree into place that asks local agencies to recognize out-of-state unions so that LGBT partners can share in benefits and tax deductions.

There are many gay owned businesses in Bethesda, Maryland including Blowfish, which is a sex products company, AAC Associates Accounting, The Enrichment Center for the Gifted, the Jennifer Fairfax adoption agency for gay couples, and First Heritage Mortgage (for getting a fair deal when you buy real-estate).

Most gays who live in Bethesda tend to party in nearby Washington, DC at places like Number Nine (a dance club), Dancebutique, Nellie’s Sports Bar, The Fireplace (a restaurant and bar), Phase 1 (a tranny bar) and Bearaoke which is a gay karaoke bar.  Washington is a half an hour’s drive north of this cheerful small town.

Bethseda is also a cultural center with twenty art galleries, more than 200 ethnic restaurants, two live theaters, music and dance studios, and many boutiques.  It is home to Cabin John Park with is a huge park with a nature center, picnic areas, ice skating rinks and athletic fields.  Glen Echo Park is another great green space in the area and the city is also very near Great Falls National Park that features the Potomac River falling over rocks through the narrow Mather Gorge.

Literary types conglomerate at the Writer’s Center, which holds many literary events.  The Betheseda Row Cinema showcases the very best of first-run independent and foreign language flicks and the American Film Institute Silver Theater shows restored old classics.

The average price per square foot in this pricey area was $587.00.  However, there are bargains to be had because there are 30 homes in the foreclosure process as of July 2013.  The average listing price for homes as of the week ending July 24 is $1,401,667.00.

To find the best place for you to live it is best to consult with a resident Bethesda Gay Realtor who is very familiar with the area. For more information about Bethesda in general go to the Greater Betheseda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Comer at