Kennebunk, ME Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Kennebunk Gay Neighborhoods

Kennebunk, Maine, is a small city close to a number of beaches and the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.  The city was founded in 1621, and it claims to be the only city in the world to be named Kennebunk, a claim that hasn’t been challenged. 

The entire town of Kennebunk is very welcoming, Most everyone in the city is welcoming and friendly to all, and there are some great older homes in the area.  Lower Village in Kennebunk is often considered the historic LGBT district, but gays and lesbians have spread out across the entire city now. 

Homes in Kennebunk vary in price.  There are small condos that can be purchased for $99,900.  Larger condos might be priced at as much as $799,000.  Then there are single family homes.  These properties range from $130,000 to $4 million dollars for a large house on the outskirts of the city.

Kennebunk Gay Realtors