Gay Realtor Fort Wayne ~ City for Architecture Buffs

Fort Wayne, Indiana is located about 18 miles west of the Ohio Border and fifty miles south of Michigan on very flat land. It has a population of 419,453.  The city’s main neighborhoods are divided by the St. Joseph River that flows south, the St. Mary’s River that flows north and the Maumee River that empties into Lake Erie. This is a healthy All-American city with twice as many trees as most urban centers of its size.

Fort Wayne is known for its affordable, historical gems that in some neighborhoods include homes that boast of Greek Revival, Gothic Revival and Italianate architecture. House buyers are usually delighted by the amazing variety of intact and renovated historic homes that are in the Art Deco, Craftsman, American Four Square, Queen Anne, Neoclassical, Dutch Colonial Revival, Prairie and Beaux-Arts styles. Many homes in Fort Wayne also have mature trees with big back and front yards.

The city skyline is also known for some spectacular modern and postmodern architecture including towers and public buildings designed by Michael Graves, Louis Kahn and Frank Lloyd Wright.

If you are athletic at all you will love the seventy miles of trails that the city has been developing since the 1970s along the riverbanks.  These trails are known as the Rivergreenway.  The city also has bicycle lanes in place along all major routes, which makes commuting to work a little healthier.

This area of the country does tend to be on the conservative side so it is a good idea to consult with a Fort Wayne gay realtor to find the best place for your needs and desires. There are two large gay-owned bars in the area. One is called Babylon (sometimes just called Babs by the locals) and Afterdark – “Where every hour is happy.”  There are also several LGBT-friendly churches in the city and every year there is a Pride-Fest.

The city is also noted for its local theater community, the For Wayne Civic Theater and the Arena Dinner Theater.  There is also a gay art gallery on East Berry Street called Artlink.

Fort Wayne is known for being quite well kept, safe and clean. The City services here are very efficient, especially when it comes to keeping the streets plowed and salted during heavy winter storms. There is also, unlike many big cities, lots of parking downtown.

For more information about Fort Wayne and its many attractions and features visit the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce at