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Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia, and one with a long and rich history. Situated about 15 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean along the Savannah River, Savannah is a beautiful Southern town with a unique coastal vibe. It's also known for its rich arts and culture scene, large beautiful tree-lined streets, historic homes, and museums and other historical landmarks dating back hundreds of years. It’s also a city with a thriving, welcoming LGBTQ community, where all can feel at home.

A Bit of Savannah History

In 1733, General James Oglethorpe and 120 passengers of the ship “Anne” landed on a bluff along the Savannah River. Oglethorpe ultimately founded the state of Georgia after England’s King George II and made Savannah its first city. Savannah has grown steadily since that time, playing an important role in both the American Revolution and in the Civil War. Following Reconstruction and the turn of the century, Savannah became an important part of both the cotton and lumber industries. It also began to become a vibrant center for art and culture, and it remains so to this day. In the last ten years, over 50 million people have visited Savannah, because of its beautiful architecture, green spaces, history, and hospitality.

A Few Fun Facts About Savannah

  • Savannah is known for its “haunted history” – and many of the ghost tours offered here are considered some of the best in the country.
  • The Girl Scouts were founded in Savannah.
  • The flavor Tutti Frutti was invented in Savannah.

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Savannah’s LGBTQ Community                                            

Savannah is a city that loves and supports its LGBTQ community with a variety of resources, including:

First City Pride Center

First City Pride Center is a community center that has exists to support, advance, and celebrate the LGBTQ community in the greater Savannah area for many years. The Center offers a variety of services including support groups, events, health resources, education and training programs, network opportunities and more.

Savannah Stand Out Youth

Savannah Stand Out Youth is a LGBTQ youth center that believes in the basic human right of everyone to be who they are without labels and limitations. The group seeks to instill pride and confidence through empowerment, and it works toward this mission by providing events, support groups and resources to LGBTQ youth in Savannah and the surrounding areas. 

What's the Weather Like in Savannah?

Savannah has a generally warm, subtropical climate which is influenced greatly by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Generally, fall and spring are the two most pleasant seasons to enjoy the outdoors each year, with fall bringing brightly colored leaves and crisp breezes, and spring bringing beautiful blooming flowers and mild temperatures. The good news for those who don’t care for cold temperatures is that winter in Savannah is generally short and mild, with low temperatures in January averaging around 39°F. Summers are hot and humid, with highs in July typically reaching around 91°F. Savannah receives an average of 49 inches of rain per year, and almost no snow.

The Best Events in Savannah

Savannah Pride Festival

The Savannah Pride Festival, which is held each year in downtown Savannah, is one of the year’s most popular LGBTQ celebrations, and one that you’ll definitely want to put on your calendar. Whether you enjoy parades, parties, family-friendly activities, networking opportunities, or all of the above, you’ll find it here.

Savannah Jazz Festival

The Savannah Jazz Festival is an annual eight-day festival that takes place in the city each year and celebrates the very best of jazz music locally and around the globe. The event is free and open to the public.

Where to Live in Savannah

Unlike some larger cities that have one particular “gayborhood” where most of the LGBTQ community lives, Savannah’s LGBTQ community is somewhat spread out across the city. When choosing a home in Savannah, you’ll want to base your housing decisions on other factors, including price and location.  Condos in Savannah can be priced anywhere from under $100,000 to a few million, depending on where you want to live.  Single-family homes likewise range in price depending on where you live.  In the suburbs, you'll find cheaper homes ranging from some priced under $100,000, to others priced in the several million-dollar range.

Savannah is unusual because many of its residents actually do live in the core of the downtown, which is a 2.5 square area with very old gardens and many restored homes.  Adjacent to this district and a bit south is an up-and-coming district where many of the older Victorian homes are being restored.  The Midtown of the city was first laid out in 1910 and is a mixture of smaller mansions with four or five bedrooms and craftsman-style bungalows.

Arts and Entertainment

Savannah Film Festival

The Savannah Film Festival is presented each year by the Savannah College of Art and Design, and it is a can't-miss event for any film lover. The annual festival celebrates the creativity of award-winning professionals, as well as emerging student filmmakers, and is attended by more than 60,000 people each year.

The Historic Savannah Theatre

The Historic Savannah Theatre is a beautiful theater that has been part of Savannah’s history for many years, first opening its doors in 1818. Today, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of shows and performances throughout the year – truly there is something to suit everyone’s tastes! 

Parks and Recreation

Tybee Island

Tybee Island is a small, yet very popular beach vacation town located only 15 miles away from Savannah. Known for its beautiful beaches, great seafood, and frequent dolphin sightings, it’s a great place to enjoy a sunny weekend day by the sea!

Savannah Historic District

There are few were more uniquely Savannah activities than touring the Old Historic District. This picturesque district full of beautiful cypress tree-lined streets and historic homes as well as numerous shops and restaurants is a great place to spend the day having fun and enjoying the historic heart of the city. 

Savannah Nightlife

Club One

Club One is a popular LGBTQ nightclub known for its lively dance floor, excellent drag shows, strong drinks, and popular basement video bar. It’s a great stop on a night out in Savannah!

Creepy Crawly Haunted Pub Tour

Although not technically a LGBTQ event, this pub tour is one nightly entertainment option you’ll want to be sure to try. The tour departs each evening from the Six Pence Pub, which is located in Savannah‘s beautiful historic district. The tour covers a mile or a mile and a half or haunted history over a few hours, during which time participants can hear ghost stories and enjoy grab-to-go beverages from fun local pubs and bars. It’s truly a unique Savannah experience you won’t want to miss!

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