Gay Realtor Wilton Manors Lifestyle Highlights

Gay realtor Wilton Manors recommends living in this gay friendly place that is also known as Island City. It earned this nickname because it is bordered by a river on two sides and the beach at one end. This is a South Florida vacation paradise that is also a fun, affordable and sought after place for both our LGBT community and the straight community to live. It is a smaller city that is about two square miles across. It is considered to be a community within the larger metropolis of Fort Lauderdale.

This is a newer city with many newer buildings - it was incorporated in 1947. It is also an area in which a great deal of economic revitalization has been attempted. Despite the fact that it is not that historic, i.e. old affordable home, gay realtor Wilton Manors warns that you can end up paying a lot to live here. There are also not many minority or low-income families or individuals living in the area, which makes it less diverse.

Wilton Manors is home to many restaurants and entertainment venues. It has a large Cuban population so there are many ethnic restaurants devoted to Caribbean style cuisine as well as many seafood restaurants. 

The city also has a big dog park and a boat ramp. Bike trails and hiking trails also run along the three different waterfronts that border this lovely mainly residential area.  The riverfront parks include nature walks, a canoe trail and a mangrove preserve.

This is a very popular vacation spot for the LGBT community as it is home to The Cabanas Guesthouse and Spa. This is an all male clothing optional gay hotel that offers shopping, entertainment, dining and night life.

If you are a nature lover, gay realtor Wilton Manors suggests that this is a great place to live because there are many boardwalks and nature trails along the beach and also in nearby wildlife sanctuaries and reserves.  The entire place used to be farmland owned by successful plantation owners until the big stock market crash in 1929 that forced many big farm owners in the area to go out of business. 

If you love mid-century modern housing then gay realtor Wilton Manors suggests that you will love this area that transformed from a small group of farms into row after row of cute forties and fifties style bungalows.

The area has a community center that hosts art exhibits and performance events. The city is also known for its large, exceptionally well run library known as the Wilton Manors Public Library. This large resource center has recently gone through an enormous expansion that includes the addition of extensive electronic resources and more shelving on which to place archives.

If you are concerned with living in a green area then gay realtor Wilton Manors knows you will love this island city that was built to be a sustainable urban village. It was designed to be a pedestrian-oriented environment with less cars and more solar power.