Denver Gay City Guide: Where the Queer Community is a Mile High

Denver, the mile-high city, is the largest in a 600-mile radius and the jewel of Colorado. For years, gay people from all over the west have flocked to this friendly, welcoming, and scenic metropolis. If you’re thinking about relocating to Denver, it may just be the best decision you ever make.

A Quick History of Denver

Denver was born in 1858 during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. A group of prospectors from Kansas established Montana City, a mining town on the shores of the South Platte River. This settlement later developed into Denver.

In the 70s, Denver hosted the Winter Olympics to coincide with Colorado’s centennial celebration. Today, the city is flourishing with a population of over 600,000 and a thriving gay community.

Stats on Denver

  • Denver is exactly one mile high.
  • The city has 300 days of sunshine a year.
  • It has the second-highest educated population in the country.
  • Denver has 7 professional sports teams.
  • The first structure in Denver was a saloon.

Here are some more fun facts about Denver.

The Breezy Denver Community

The Center on Colfax

The main LGBTQ community center in Denver, the Center on Colfax is there to engage, enrich, and advance the LGBTQ community of Colorado. They hold weekly events, meet and greets, and serve as a key resource for the greater community.

Mile-High Weather

The Denver climate is semi-arid and dry. However, due to the elevation, it is influenced by surrounding climates. So, it sees subtropical microclimates as well. Because of the inland location on the Rockies, the weather is subject to sudden changes. Overall, though, it is super pleasant.

LGBTQ Events in the City

Denver PrideFest – June

Every city has its pride and Denver’s is recognized as one of the top ten pride events in the country. PrideFest is a celebration of heritage, community, culture, and family. The event is uber-popular with more than 250,000 people in attendance.

The Best Denver Neighborhoods

There are 75 official neighborhoods in Denver. All of the city is gay-friendly and there are over 15 neighborhoods that cater to the community. Here are the top three:

Capitol Hill

In the heart of the city is a neighborhood nicknamed “Cap Hill,” which has always attracted a large gay population. It’s dotted with stately old mansions and has a residential, bohemian vibe.

The median sales price of homes in Capitol Hill is $301,000 with an average of $372 per square foot. The area typically has 97 homes for sale.

Capitol Hill is home to many popular attractions, including the Molly Brown House Museum and the gold-domed state capitol. The neighborhood is lined with offbeat shops, hip bars, and late-night coffeehouses.

Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park is the gayest park in Denver and home to the annual gay pride parade. The surrounding neighborhood is a welcoming and tight LGBTQ community with plenty of resources.

The median sales price of homes in Cheesman Park is $350,000 with an average of $401 per square foot. The area typically has 46 homes for sale.

The tranquil neighborhood has expansive lawns, a dramatic neo-classic pavilion, and shady jogging trails. It is home to the Denver Botanic Gardens, relaxed coffeehouses, and craft-cocktail bars.

Cherry Creek

This neighborhood is a high-end residential with some commercial space as well. It’s a pretty exclusive neighborhood that boasts high prices per square foot.

The median sales price of homes in Cheesman Park is $799,000 with an average of $457 per square foot. The area typically has 77 homes for sale.

Cherry Creek has a vibrant shopping scene. It is home to the Cherry Creek Mall, eclectic eateries, and high-end fashion boutiques. It also has a contemporary art scene.

Country Club

This neighborhood is located adjacent to the Denver Country Club. It’s one of the elite neighborhoods in the city with lots of large elegant homes. The neighborhood is bounded by University Boulevard, Cheery Creek, Downing Street, and 8th street.

The median sales price of homes in Cheesman Park is $1,227,500 with an average of $609 per square foot. The area typically has 20 homes for sale.

The neighborhood only has 380 homes, making it one of the smallest in Denver. However, all of the lots are large.

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Additional LGBTQ neighborhoods to consider include:

  • Highlands
  • Hilltop
  • Lowry
  • Mayfair
  • Park Hill
  • Stapleton
  • Winston Downs

Parks and Recreation

The city of Denver has one of the most unique park systems in the country. Boasting more than 200 parks within city limits and 20,000 acres in the nearby mountains, the city even has it’s own herd of buffalo. You can travel Mount Evans highway, the highest road in North America and visit Buffalo Bill’s grave at the top of Lookout Mountain.

Arts and Entertainment

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science

This is the premier natural history and science museum in the western United States. The museum includes exhibitions, IMAX and planetarium, shows, etc. It’s located in City Park and is the Rocky Mountain region’s leading resource for informal science.

The Nightlife


A decades-old gay bar and dance hall that features music on multiple floors and rotating theme nights.

Blush & Blu

This is a more relaxed LGBTQ atmosphere with craft cocktails, theme nights, and a chill ambiance.

Charlie’s Nightclub Denver

This is a fun gay bar that’s part country-western saloon and part top-40 dance club. It draws a mixed crowd but no matter who you are, you’ll have a good time.

Everyone has heard about how friendly and open people are in Colorado, and Denver does not disappoint. The city has hundreds of LGBTQ enclaves to fit every niche in the community.

Denver also has thousands of acres of western frontier with views as far as the eyes can see. The art scene rivals that of other cities like San Francisco, with murals painting the town all over.

If you’re looking for great plain sunsets and a down to earth community, Denver is calling you home.