Gay Realtor West Hollywood District

West Hollywood is considered to be a hot-spot neighborhood in Los Angeles. It is a very glamorous place with its own eccentric landmarks, unique housing, shopping, dining, clubs and lifestyle perks. Gay realtor West Hollywood declares this the most gay-friendly place to buy a house, condo or loft in Greater LA.  It is one of the most glamorous places to live in the world; it is home to the infamous Sunset Strip.

This place used to be called Sherman. It was a railroad town that did not become known as West Hollywood until the 1920s when famous Art Deco night clubs like the Trocadero started popping up on “The Strip.”  

If you love fashion and design gay realtor West Hollywood recommends that you move here, that is, if you can afford it. Most real estate here starts in the mid 6 figures, to millions of dollars, and it is quite expensive to rent here as well as the area is littered with mansions, famous hotels and rock venues. For the most part it is heavily commercially zoned. The famous corner of Beverly and Robertson was a fashion and decoration center and in the seventies, the Pacific Design Center was built.

Still there is a hope in this area for housing because in the eighties the gay and lesbian community fought attempts to end rent control in the area. So there are apartments and villas available for rent. However these rent-controlled places can be hard to get so gay realtor West Hollywood highly recommends finding a real estate agent that knows everybody in town.

This neighborhood can also only be described as “rockin.”  One of the most famous clubs in West Hollywood was the Whisky; a-Go-go where the Doors often performed.

This is also a progressive, liberal place to live. It incorporated as a town in 1984 and it was the first town in the United States to have a lesbian mayor (Valerie Terrigno.)  Today West Hollywood has a vibrant gay, bisexual and transgendered community that holds an enormous Gay Pride Festival and parade every year.

There are all kinds of sights to see in wonderful West Hollywood.  A famous one is the 25 ten foot tall Gibson Les Paul guitars that are scattered around the city. The place is also home to the Rocky and Bullwinkle Statue, the Chateau Marmot (where John Belushi among others met their demise), the Sunset Tower Hotel and the West Hollywood Farmers market. Landmark businesses along the strip include Studs at the Pussycat Theater, Book Soup, Bonhams, Butterfields Auctioneers and the Santa Palm Car Wash. It is also home to many famous establishments including The Viper Room,  The Troubadour, Chin Chin, The Silver Spoon, Hamburger Mary, Coach & horses, Dukes, Dan Tana and the Rainbow Bar and Grill.

Gay realtor West Hollywood would also like you to note that the City of West Hollywood has undertaken all kinds of projects to strengthen its economy including the revitalization of the City’s East Side.  This is resulting in all kinds of new and exciting housing and commercial develops.