Danville, CA Top LGBT Cities and Home Prices

Danville Gay Neighborhoods

When it comes to LGBT life in California, San Francisco is bound to pop into the forefront of most people's minds immediately. This is not a bad thing, as San Francisco has great LGBT legislation, population density, and a great deal of ethnic and cultural diversity.

However, the median price per square foot is prohibitively expensive at around $847. Danville, California offers all of the great weather that San Francisco does, but with much lower property values and a slightly lower-key lifestyle.

Danville's average price per square foot is around $432. There are quite a few homes listed for over $1,000,000. However, there are a few with a moderate asking price of between $350,000, $400,000. While this is not cheap by any means, it's within the means of average people, and is a great place to retire or raise children. 

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