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Independence, MO, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

The fourth-largest city in the Missouri, Independence is considered a part of the much larger Kansas City metro area. However, it’s still home to some 116,000 people on its own. Independence was once the major point of departure for those following the Oregon, Santa Fe, and California Trails as well as being the home of former President Harry Truman and an important site to many in the Latter Day Saints religion.

Independence has a good number of museums and hosts a large number read more...

Independence, MO – Gay Lifestyle in a Diverse, Accepting City

Independence, MO is a satellite city of Kansas City. The birthplace of Harry S. Truman is also known as the “Queen City of Trails” as it is linked to the Santa Fe, California and Oregon Trails.  It is also home to the Latter Day Saint Movement. The city lies on the south bank of the Missouri River near the western edge of town. It has a population of 117,270.

There is not a designated gay neighborhood in Independence but there are many gay bars including the Wild Stal read more...