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Boston Gay City Guide: A Historic City and a Trailblazer for LGBTQ Equality

Boston, affectionately nicknamed “Beantown” is one of the nation’s oldest, and most historic cities. Massachusetts generally, and Boston specifically, have long had a history of progressive ideas and culture. Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage and was also the first to issue a statewide referendum on protecting transgender rights. Boston is often considered one of the most welcoming places to LGBTQ individuals in the United States and is known as read more...

Boston: A Rich History of Diversity and Inclusion

Boston is known for its die-hard sports fans and ivy league schools, but many people might not realize that it has a thriving gay community too. Massachusetts was the first state to legalize gay marriage and its always been proud to support queer citizens. If you’re considering moving to Boston, here’s a quick LGBTQ guide:

A Brief History of Boston

The history of Boston plays a central role in the development of the United States. It was founded read more...