Gay Real Estate News - Long beach, California

Long Beach Gayborhoods: Loving LGBTQ Life in this Coastal Community

Long Beach is a coastal California city that offers abundant sunshine, miles of sandy shores and beautiful blue ocean, and plenty to see and do for visitors and residents alike.

A Little Long Beach History

The area that is presently Long Beach was initially settled as part of a large Spanish land grant in 1784. Eventually becoming incorporated as a city and part of the state of California, it has always been a popular site for commerce and is in fact one of th read more...

Long Beach: The Land of Consistent Sun

Since the 1980s, Long Beach has been a sunny gay mecca that boasts a variety of LGBTQ resources for people of all shapes and sizes. This is, in part, due to the high level of pro-equality policies and trans-inclusive programs. If you’re thinking about relocating to this oceanside city, here are a few things you should know about the breezy region:

A Brief History of Long Beach

Long Beach is the 39th most populous city in the United States an read more...