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How do I hire a gay real estate agent and how much will it cost me

The best way to find a gay real estate agent is through a recommendation from someone that has used the agent previously. On-line services like have previous client feedback and comments and can help you secure an honest realtor. .

In the real estate game, so much is about trusted relationships and word of mouth, because buying a home is an investment. You don’t trust just anyone with your car keys or stock portfolio—and this is even more important. .

Interview with an agent and price-point your own home.

Once you have finally settled on an agent or two, have a sit down with them. The gay realtor will educate you on what he or she estimates your house will sell for, how the property will be marketed, and what costs are involved in the sale- including what you can expect to net (the check you will receive) at the closing. The agent will estimate your home’s value by doing a competitive market analysis in your neighborhood..

 For your turn, it is vital that you ask questions regarding his/her experience as a REALTOR®: .

·         Are you a full-time real estate agent?.

·         How many years have you been selling homes?.

·         How many homes have you sold in this neighborhood?.

·         What is the most important competitive advantage you will bring to the table in selling my home?.

·         How long will my home be on the market? (Ask for details. It will be evident if he or she is clueless.).

·         What’s your sales record this year? In the past? .

·         How can you or other services make my home more presentable for sale?.

·         What will we do if my home doesn’t sell quickly?.

After you have asked these questions, it is time to pick a gay real estate agent. If the price point the agent gave your home is way off, it’s important to have discuss the price and have any other conversations before moving forward. It is crucial that you smooth out all of the wrinkles before signing anything. .

The listing contract.

The listing contract is, by far, the most elaborate and important part of hiring an agent. Within the listing contract, you will find obvious things like:.

·         The price of your home.

·         The length of the listing period.

·         The negotiated commission the agent will charge for marketing the property and the percentage commission the agent will receive for the sale of the home.

Many listing contracts are cut-and-dry documents written to be accommodating for both the seller and the agent. However, you need to be specific.If you aren’t specific, you could get stuck with a bum agent who can’t sell a pair of shoes, much less a home! Many contract terms stipulate 90 to 120 days or longer before the seller is free to try a different agent. This is standard..

Paying an Agent.

Agents get paid on commission. A typical selling commission is 5%-6% of the selling price of your home, although this is always negotiable! For a $250,000.00 sale at 5%, the agents take $12,500.00. It is commonplace that the buyer and seller’s agents split the commission on a successful sale, so your listing agent will really take about $6,250.00 .

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