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Gay Realtor Explains What to expect the day of closing.

First of all understand that your Gay Realtor will be by your side. The closing agent will provide a HUD that will list the money you owe the seller (remainder of down payment, prepaid taxes, etc.) and then the money the seller owes you (unpaid taxes and prepaid rent, if applicable). The seller will provide proof of any repairs, warranties, etc. that they have agreed to provide..

Each document at closing will be explained to you, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and then provide a signature. (you’ll receive copies of everything you sign from your gay real estate agent right at closing).

You'll pay the lender's agent (they will have your new loan proceeds wired to them the day of closing) all closing costs (any money you still owe towards you’re down payment ~ certified funds) and, in turn, he or she will provide you with a settlement statement of all the items for which you have paid. The deed and mortgage will then be recorded in the state Registry of Deeds, and you will be a homeowner..

We trust this information has given you some comfort in having a broad idea of the process and steps in buying a home. Your agent is well qualified to guide you step by step through this entire process ~ so now it’s time to choose your agent and move forward with your dream of home ownership.