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About Melissa

Born and raised in Utah, Melissa graduated with an Associates in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. Melissa has purchased and sold several of her own homes in the Salt Lake Valley. She made the decision to purchase real estate in her early 20s because she knew the value of investing in her own home. After a successful 18-year corporate career in the telecommunication industry, she was offered the chance of a lifetime to take early retirement. Since July 2019, she has embarked on a new journey into her ultimate desired career in real estate.

Melissa is grateful that her brokerage provides her daily learning about real estate development designs, growth stratagems, principles and value practices, and the complete understanding of property management side by side with many of the best and renowned Realtors in Utah. She became a Realtor in January 2020 and is enjoying her dream life journey!

Her clients would describe her as a great listener of their wants and needs, and she has an impeccable ability to find a buyer homes that make their hearts happy. She is respected in her community and has high expectations of herself where she has proven to go the extra mile not only for her clients but for her family and friends as well.

When Melissa is not hard at work or continuing her education, she enjoys spending time with her wife and son. They love to travel and spend quality time together with a shared love of animals she even dreams of owning a horse ranch someday. Melissa is very enthusiastic about her community and has volunteered for many causes including being on the Board of Autistic Voices. She also enjoys spending personal time participating in food drives throughout Salt Lake City.


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