About Tim

My name is Tim and I was born and raised about 25 minutes north of the city. I'm an avid Steeler's fan.

One of the my favorite things about this city is the diversity of the people. They call Pittsburgh the melting pot for a reason. It is rich with culturally diverse people and deep rooted in traditions. A city once famous for the steel industry is quickly transitioning down a new path. Many neighborhoods are being revived and repurposed. It is amazing to watch the changes in which are occurring.

I am a local expert in the area. Looking for the best food? I will tell you where. Looking for something to do? I can tell you where. Looking to go shopping? I can tell you where. All of those don't necessarily pertain to Real Estate but they are important. If you are starting a life in this area you want someone who knows it well.

Are you looking to upgrade, downsize, buy new, invest, etc.? I can help! I am technology focused. In today's day, technology is at the heart of everything. It's becoming information overload, I can help you make sense of it all. I am passionate about what I do and also understanding in that everyone's situation is different.

You can rely on me to lead you down the path to home ownership. Alternatively if you are selling I know that i can position your house better than anyone utilizing my unique skillset. Every house is different.

I work hard at what I do to serve you and everyone alike to the highest capacity - contact me today and let's get started!


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