About Joseph

Bio and Work experience:
Joey arrived to New York in 2001 after 2 years of art/design school and 3 months of culture studies in Tokyo. He relocated to New York (bleecker and macdougal) with two new found best Japanese girl friends, to work in fashion. living with japanese people I learned to speak Japanese.
He quickly found himself immersed in celebrity culture within the fashion and beauty industry hailing as celebrity makeup artist in the late 2000s and 2010s. This passion for creativity led Joey to working with creative directors, which would eventually open doors to learn the bigger picture of environmental design exploration, commercial spaces and a spectrum of different locations from the piers to Old New York architecture/churches as location for production and photography for editorial or photo shoots.
Staten Island is untapped, These spaces and atmospheres inspire me, Old New York. Moving to New York right after school allowed me to start a new life and adapt to a new home life, I am a 22 new yorker. I know this city like the back of my hand.
Whether its down under in Australia or winter in Germany, perhaps the Prince of Bahrains palace after absinthe in Dubai, you might find me scuba diving in Okinawa with my Japanese family, I am kinda well traveled. All of the people I meet and places I have gone make me the fully cultured guy I am.
Joey has years of NYC knowledge in market values and property law/, landlord/tenant law. Joeys knowledge of New Yorks geographical offerings and neighborhoods together with the 22 year New Yorker/creative thinker I am, I have also become programmed as a troubleshooter to dire situations. Any client, buyer or seller has an advantage with Joey.


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Well, Sometimes the lines are blurred... sometimes outside of being the professional... I am a little silly too...I can have a little fun. Im not just all business and numbers. I do keep my personal life private, not that there is anything to hide, I am a happily single man enjoying his new career path.

  • One specialty being my ability to develop an emotional connection to my work, this allows me to be authentic with my approach to your project. Your deal, your end result to closing. I bring a creative and empathetic approach to my business work. It also works to my favor that am a creative thinker consistently and instinctively. Coming from beauty and fashion and making it into a successful business I apply many of my professional life lessons in my work today.