About Mina

A Native Louisianan, Mina has been selling most of her life. She started selling produce from her uncles produce stand at the age of 8 years old. Mina continued to sell in many different markets including automotive, fashion, cigars and real estate. She was in the top 5 for sales in the region. Along the way she developed relationships with mentors of the trade and continues to maintain strong relations with each person. She is often referred to as the Welcoming Committee by visitors and friends.

As a realtor Mina has a strong relationship and networks with many different contacts in industries across Louisiana including banks and lending institutions to offer the best opportunities for clients. Working with buyers, sellers, investors in both residential and commercial industries she has a strong presence in the market. She will make sure you are well informed before you make a decision.

After fighting stage 4 cancer Mina makes time for fun on her few days off by sharing time with friends, family, her two dogs Sassy and Peanut and cook outs. She is in Krewe of Stars and Krewe of Petronius Mardi Gras Krewes and enjoys decorating costumes for the balls and Mardi Gras Day. Mina helps with The Pantry, Audubon Nature Institutes and Animal Rescue charities to gain financial support for treatments, medicines and other items needed. She is working on creating a charity to help children with AIDS by providing comfort items as they receive treatment.

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Sales Manager - Team doubled digit goals year over year
Account Manager - For 8 States, handled difficult accounts
Certified in SFA, FSA, Sebol with Forensic Accounting
Certified in 8 management divisions including Gov. Policies of Selling

  • Honest, excellent communication skills, trainer in sales program Siebol, great follow-up with customers is my priority, very organized as often uses Good Findings coaching methods to ask the correct questions and protect customers.