About Hub

With over 20 years of residential real estate experience, Hub is available to provide you with the resources and information needed to buy or sell real estate in Greater Phoenix area. Hub has extensive training in the latest real estate marketing strategies, ensuring the success of both his buyers and sellers!

Hub will employ his industry experience, unmatched housing and market knowledge and superior negotiation skills to achieve the best possible outcome. This will be coupled with the prestige of the Coldwell Banker name, modern technology and marketing strategies and a skilled professional network to accomplish your financial, real estate and life goals.

Hub is confident that he can offer you the knowledge and tools many other agents cant.

Hub has lived in Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, the Florida gulf coast and Washington, DC. He has seen his son grow into a fine young man and go off to college. Hub has now returned to Phoenix where he is loving the warm weather, the varied aspects of life in this dynamic state, spending time with family and hanging out with his German Shepherd/Lab mix Sam.

Hub graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in TV Producing and Directing and later obtained a Masters degree in sports medicine from Chapman University in Denver. In addition to his work, Hub plays in a local softball league and supports animal anti-cruelty programs in the area. He is concerned for the planet and is conscious of his individual role in reducing his footprint on the Earth.


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  • Residential Single Family Homes, Condominiums and Loft Living.
  • Resale and New Construction.