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Listing Country: United States
Listing State: North Carolina
Listing City: High Point
Primary Area Population: 101835

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You understand and agree by submitting this electronic application, that in exchange for a free profile on / and city sites, you are required to pay a 35% referral fee, based on your company side of the gross commission earned (before company split) including bonuses earned, as a result of the client referred ~ due and payable the day of closing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are designed to assist you in making a decision on becoming an affiliate Real Estate Agent with

Who is and what is the history?

Hammerberg and Associates, Inc. is a licensed Colorado brokerage and have operated in the real estate business since the early 1980's and in the "Gay Real Estate" on-line arena since the mid 1990's. Today they own and operate the Nation's Largest and Most Successful Real Estate Referral Company geared specifically to the Gay and Lesbian community:

and hundreds of individual URL's specific to every State and major City in the United States.

Do I have to be Gay to join as a Referral Realtor on your site?

Absolutely not! We advertise our site as the "Largest database of Gay, Lesbian and Gay Friendly Realtors on the Planet" about 10% of our referral agents (and growing) are gay friendly, not gay or lesbian. Interestingly enough about 10% of our buying and selling clients are straight, but prefer to work with a gay or lesbian agent.

Why have a listing here vs. one of the other Gay Real Estate sites?

Because we're in the #1 paid position for every internet "gay realtor" / "gay real estate" / "gay real estate agent"... search period ~ this takes a committment of thousands of dollars per month, a committment only makes to their agents.

In addition, we have secured hundreds of URL's specific to your city and state, when searched, bring high traffic to our site. We also spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars annually working on SEO to ensure we're in the top natural search positions, and our site continues to provide the absolute best information to potential visiting clients.

Additionally, we have secured exclusive rights to the visitors of some highly effective LGBT business related web sites like,,, and dozens of others which our competitors will never be  allowed to advertise on.


How many referrals can I expect and what are you doing for me?

Guessing at how many referrals you can expect is almost impossible, in some ways it depends on how large a gay community your city has.

Our promise to you is this,  If someone is searching for a “Gay Realtor”, “Gay Real Estate”, “Gay Real Estate Agent”, “Gay Relocation” or “Gay Realtor / Gay Real Estate (your city name)” on-line, including combinations using the word "lesbian" Our site will be in the #1 search position on all search engines 99.999% of the time.

**The #1 search position receives over 70% of all click through traffic according to GOOGLE, which generates 80% of all searches on-line.

If your goal is to target the LGBT community specifically or as part of your general business, there is NO BETTER choice for your advertising dollars than The traffic we provide is SPECIFIC, bringing you the maximum bang for your advertising dollar.

Imagine being at the top of 95% of all on-line searches in America and getting EVERY LEAD. Imagine the Nation’s TOP Real Estate BLOG’s,, and catering to the LGBT home buyer and seller driving traffic to you EXCLUSIVELY ~ you couldn’t do this yourself without spending thousands of dollars monthly!

We own and manage OVER 1,000 unique keywords and keyword combinations on a multitude of search platforms and engines, this guarantees to keep business headed your way.

Our bi-weekly real estate articles are published in dozens of LGBT papers across the country, and hundreds of web sites FREE! all driving traffic back to + t these articles are FREE to you to post on your web site or publish in your client newsletters.

How much does this program cost?

Join FREE for a nominal 35% referral fee on any closed business.

Or Join with a small monthly fee and a 25% referral fee. The monthly fee is based upon the population of your city and varies between $19.95 (under 100,000 in population), to $44.95 per month (over 1,000,000 in population) and a 25% referral fee – one of the lowest referral fees in the Nation.

Yes - The referral fees are very reasonable! We realize that many of the national companies are now charging upwards of 45% to 50% and we think this is unfair and excessive.

Why do I have to pay a monthly fee and a referral fee?

You don’t ~ you can choose to join FREE and pay a reasonable referral fee at the time of your closing… you don’t pay a dime until you’ve earned a substantial commission!

For those that choose to pay the small monthly fee and 25% referral fee at closing it’s a great question - the answer is simple. Our average PPC (Pay Per Click) costs to promote JUST our on-line companies and keep them in the top positions is $5,000 to $20,000 per month. There is absolutely no sense in you joining a referral company that is not willing to spend the money necessary, to drive traffic to you, the agent. The monthly fee we collect helps guarantee that we remain in the TOP SEARCH POSITIONS.

Listen - I’m a broker and I understand the costs of doing business. In that regard we're not just sitting around collecting fees - we're working hard each and every day to ensure this investment of time, energy and money by you, provides a substantial return on your investment ~ I'm happy to speak with you anytime if you have additional questions, just leave me your name and number via the "Contact Us" from and I'll return your call the same business day.

To your continued success!