Milwaukee, WI Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Milwaukee Gay Neighborhoods

Wisconsin is one of those states that people seem to assume are made entirely of flat farmland; however, Milwaukee, Wisconsin is actually a pretty densely populated cityscape. It's the 31st most populated city in the country and boasts a metropolitan atmosphere that is delightfully racially diverse.

Space is remarkably cheap for how populated the city is as many homes with 3 or more bedrooms can be found in the ballpark of $150,000. Most sold homes don't go over $200,000; however, it is fairly easy to find decent sized 2-3 bedroom homes that are cheaper than $150,000 with minimal effort.

Milwaukee does suffer from the downside that most major cities suffer from though. The crime statistics in Milwaukee are high, but it does appear to fall in line with other cities of its size.

Milwaukee is a good place to move to because there are plenty of things to do and it's pretty affordable with a 93 cost of living index on a scale of 100.

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