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Gay realtor Milwaukee has noted that there are several great neighborhoods to live in if you want to move to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Whether you are looking to live in the epicenter of the city or in one of its lovely suburbs you are sure to find a spot that is right for your lifestyle.  This is also a great city to do some property investing in, because the housing styles and communities are so diversified. This is a busy city that holds a lot of optimism for the future.

One of the hippest little areas to live in is Brady Street which runs all along the lakeshore of the Milwaukee River.  It is also the area to live in if you really love food! This was originally a neighborhood filled with Polish immigrants. The area is full of delis, meat shops and interesting European restaurants and bakeries.  It now boasts many vegetarian and organic stores and restaurants as well.  Since it was first settled after the Civil War it is has also become an enclave for the Italian community. The housing is gentrified, renovated and yet still has Old World Charm mixed with architecture that is a throwback to the sixties.  The streets also boast thrift shops and old smoke shops filled with interesting wares.

If you want to live high above the city gay realtor Milwaukee recommends that you live on Brewer’s Hill. This was also the home of the Schlitz Brewing Company and the many humble homes that the workers in the plants lived in during the last century. The area boasts a unique assortment of Queen Anne, Italianate and Greek Revival Homes mixed with contemporary condos.  The neighborhood is now expensive and quiet with just a few trendy spots. It is one of the safest and quietest areas in town.

If condo living is your preference then gay realtor Milwaukee recommends living in the East Town area. This area is riddled with flashy glass towers, lakeside trails and nightclubs. The opera house, Ballet Company and Jazz in the Park are also in this area of Milwaukee. If you like culture than you will like living in this exciting, contemporary community that has a nice mix of young people with elderly retirees as residents.

Warehouse loft living is readily available in an area known as the Third War.  The industrial buildings in this area are well preserved and serve as homes to many artists. There are many galleries and art events in this area which is located on a peninsula between the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan.

Another popular artist’s area is the Fifth ward which is located on industrial land south of the downtown. Gay realtor Milwaukee mentions this district because this is where Milwaukee’s many gay bars are located. The main action is at gay bars on 1st and 2nd Streets in bars like Walker’s pint and Mona’s. The community also has many gay themed parades, events and festivals.

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