Madison’s 2014 Top Gay Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Madison, Wisconsin Gay Nrighborhoods

Madison, Wisconsin, is an interesting city for LGBT members to move to if they’re looking for a gay community. The problem is that there really isn’t a specific one! The area around Jennifer Street is often acknowledged to be the home for many lesbians, but even then, it’s not exactly a gay community. Most people and businesses are very accepting.

Madison is actually a fairly small city—just over 200,000 people—and it feels even smaller.  This liberal college town is home to many students, and the whole area has a very diverse population. 

Those looking to move to Madison will find that the city is also pretty open to newcomers.  Condos start in the $50,000 range (although they’ll be small) and top out at $2,000,000.  Single family homes also have a fairly large price range.  They start at around $60,000, but the larger homes can sell for $1,700,000 or more.

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