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Madison, Wisconsin is a gay-friendly university town. This is a well-educated progressive community that gay realtor Madison has noted contains many condos, apartments and starter homes. It also has many genteel areas that are wonderful for an older person or older married gay couple to settle down in. There has been lots written in lifestyle magazines and online about how the East Side of Madison is becoming the new middle class gay ghetto complete with a bustling art scene and gay-positive values.  The neighborhood known as Middleton has the highest concentration of gay residents in the whole city. It is a suburb located about six miles west of the main city and is one of the fastest growing gay communities in the world.

This is a very healthy community that straddles two lakes and that has many recreational amenities. There is boating, swimming and barbecues in the summer, and hiking, Maple Syrup tasting and staying in gorgeous bed and breakfasts during the fall and winter seasons.

Gay realtor Madison advises that a bonus is that it is not far to Chicago which has many gay bars, clubs and international shopping and entertainment ~ Chicago, the largest gay community in the nation, is only a two hour drive away. 

The hippest street in Madison is Williamson Street and that is where all of the artists and progressive thinkers live.  One of the most famous gay bars in Madison is Plan B on Williamson Street. This bar features sing-along with musical, dance parties and special parties for lesbians.  A classier venue for the older community is the Tornado room which is a good option for enjoying Surf N Turf and late night cocktails.

There is also a cozy bar called the Shamrock that caters to gays and lesbians of all ages and that has been around since 1985. Another well known gay bar, Woof’s, has an athletic theme to it and is a ten minute walk from the campus.  Club 5 is also a well known bar and restaurant that has a famous outdoor patio and beer bar.

Gay realtor Madison lifestyle highlights would also include the city’s many bookstores including A Room of One’s Own Feminist Bar and Coffee House which carries a lot of LGBTQ material. This is a university town that is inhabited by a lot of intellectuals, and the acceptance level of different cultures and sexual orientations is a lot higher than many other places in the United States.

Gay realtor Madison also notes that this is a healthy city for property investment for gay-friendly landlords simply because it has such a high gay student and gay adult population. The market has been steadily climbing for many years as the city has seen quite a condo boom. These condos have been housing empty nesters and students. People here are also quite wealthy compared to other places in the U.S. and housing in general is still very affordable.

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