Gay Realtor Vancouver, WA - Healthy Outdoor Lifestyle Near Portland

Vancouver, Washington is one of the most picturesque and oldest places to live on the West Coast. It is the fourth largest city in Washington with a population of 161,791 but it still has that healthy outdoor feel.  This city, like the Canadian City 305 miles to north were both named after Sea Captain George Vancouver, but the US city is older by thirty years (founded in 1825) than the Canadian one.  It is good to know that both the US and Canadian Vancouver are known for being very gay-friendly.  A popular nickname for Vancouver, WA is “Vantucky.”

Vancouver, WA originally began as a port, wood-building and ship building town. The street layout is distinguished by its very square, old-fashioned grid design that gives it an older feel.  Many of the homes in the city are built in 1940s, ‘50s and 60’s when Vancouver had a thriving military shipbuilding industry.  If you love mid-century homes you will enjoy looking for a place to live in here.  Many of the original homes still stand in the various neighborhoods and most of them are on very large lots with mature trees.

All of Vancouver, WA is gay-friendly but the area that is well known for having many LGBT residents is called North Salmon Creek.  This is a tight well-run community just north of the city with a population of about 20,000.  Salmon Creek runs through the heart of the community, which is situated very near Washington State University Salmon Creek Campus.  Many of the people who live here also work at the university in some capacity.  Sometimes it is just called the Salmon Creek area.

Most people who live in the gay-friendly Salmon Creek area are also very much into enjoying the great outdoors. The area boasts a big park and 400 acres of green space that includes picnic areas, beaches and trails for hikers, rollerblades and cyclists.

Vancouver is also situated very near Portland, Oregon, which also has many gay bars and neighborhoods and is a Mecca for the arts and alternative lifestyles.  Portland residents commute to Vancouver to enjoy a more pastoral lifestyle.  To find the neighborhood that best suits you and your needs it is a good idea to consult with a gay Vancouver realtor.

Housing prices in general are quite reasonable with the average price per square foot being $137 from May to July, 2013.   The average listing price for homes was $310,664 .00.

For more information about housing prices and the many great features of living in a progressive and beautiful city such as Vancouver, Washington go to the city’s Chamber of Commerce site at