Gay Realtor Tacoma | Knowing Your Housing Market | Real Estate

Gay realtor Tacoma advises you that knowing your market is half the battle when it comes to pricing your home correctly. This is a very important issue because if your house price is too high, you can end up with a listing that makes the house look undesirable ~ the result of this can be the accidental devaluing of your property and a great loss of profit.

The way to set a proper price point is to do your homework. Pay attention to asking prices in your neighborhood, because the sold prices are typically lower than what the asking price was. Also, make sure that the properties you are comparing are similar. Do not compare a Victorian to a small bungalow or a monster home to a small condo… compare apples to apples as much as possible. You should also look at houses that are equal to yours in terms of condition and age.

Just make sure that whatever you are basing your proposed selling price on, is truly comparable to your own selling situation.

Yet another factor is your homes location, a home that is located next to a beautiful outdoor public pool complete with a sauna and gym is going to be worth more than the one located next to the abandoned strip mall covered in graffiti.

Another reason to do a little bit of research like this is that it can prepare you for your meetings with various real estate agents.  For instance if you know that houses in your area are worth a certain amount of money and the agent you interview claims a widely different figure that cannot be justified then you might want to consider finding an agent that has more of a clue about what is going on in your area.

Whether a buying or selling, gay realtor Tacoma advises that it is important to be as informed as possible.

The fine LGBT agents at will provide sellers a free CMA (competitive market analysis) outlining the estimated value of your home, estimated closing costs, length of time to sell, and your net proceeds at closing. There is never a cost or obligation for this CMA.