Seattle’s 2015 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Seattle Gay Neighborhoods

Seattle, Washington—the Emerald City. 

No, it’s not located in the Land of Oz, but it is home to a large number of people. Seattle is growing quickly, and many of those moving to the area are gay or lesbian. Seattle has a large LGBT population and is second only to San Francisco in population size. Seattle is home to the Bite of Seattle, a large Gay Pride festival and the Seattle Transgender Film Festival. 

Because it’s a liberal city, there aren’t that many gay specific neighborhoods. LGBT people feel free to live anywhere in Seattle.  However, the Capitol Hill area is one of the most traditional LGBT neighborhoods. This area features all kinds of restaurants, night lift, and more. It’s a friendly, eclectic area. Condos in the area start out at around $140,000 for a very small space. The larger, more expensive ones are priced at around $900,000. Single-family homes range from $195,000 to $6.25 million.

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