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Seattle gay realtors has noted that just about every neighborhood in this metropolis is gay-friendly and that where you want to live just might be a matter of what you are willing to pay for a home. 

Some of the most popular and traditional neighborhoods are very affordable. Almost all of the real estate in the city is appreciating in value.  In general, the average price per square foot in Seattle was $484 in the first quarter of 2013. 

One of the hottest places to live in Seattle is Belltown where the average listing price for a dwelling is $750,000.00.  This is a spiffy new neighborhood that was created from land that was artificially flattened as part of a waterfront-grading project. This is one of those famous emerging Seattle neighborhoods that used to be an artist enclave full of raw warehouse studio spaces. It is now being gentrified into a very trendy area with boutiques, restaurants and night clubs. 

The area is right on the waterfront and bordered by Elliot Bay to the southwest, Virginia Street to the South East and on the northeast by Fifth Avenue. It is home to the Bell P-Patch and the Cottage Park, which are single family homes, built in 1916 and the last remaining wood homes in all of Seattle.

The Belltown area is going from grungy to glossy. There are quite a few glossy condo towers going up in the area, these buildings compliment the architecture of the nearby Art Institute of Seattle, Antioch University, Argosy University, the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and RealNetworks Headquarters. 

The Belltown area is known as a place for retirees, employees of the nearby universities and museums, professors and students. It is a progressive and safe area to live in.

A little pricier but just as popular is the Broadway neighborhood where the average listing price of a home is $1,094,000.00  This is an area of town that is “the neighborhood of the historic Capitol Hill”.  This is the very hip, high-tech end of Seattle. It boasts hundreds of coffee houses.  The north end of the neighborhood is stuffier and more expensive but the area gets cheaper and more affordable as you go South.  The boundaries of the area are Highway 520 to the north, First Hill to the south, 19th Street to the east and Interstate 5 to the west.

The hippest area of the Broadway area is the Pike/Pine Corridor that runs parallel to the campus of Seattle University in the north.  A famous Lesbian bar along Pine/Pike corridor is the Wild Rose.   However for LGBT residents most of the action takes place in the southern and eastern side of the neighborhood.

Our Seattle gay real estate agents can offer you all kinds of options and suggestions when it comes to helping you find the perfect home for you in one of the city’s hot LGBT-friendly neighborhoods.

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