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Considering a change of pace? Consider Seattle as a place to get that ~ here are seven great reasons to check out the Emerald City.

Gay realtor Seattle reports Pike Place market is a destination in and of itself. If it is not for sale there, it’s not for sale anywhere. Shoppers can buy anything from fresh salmon to handmade goods, fresh cut flowers, and every kind of souvenir imaginable.

Seattle’s restaurant scene is a fun, diverse spot for innovative dishes. Everything from Ethiopian to fine dining is available in Seattle’s rich tapestry of neighborhoods. Most is reasonably price compared to other downtown meals across the nation. A wide variety of fish and seafood is available fresh, so be sure to check out the catch of the day.

Seattle is also known as a tranquil city compared to the frantic bustle of places such as Chicago or Boston. This has more to do with the generally passive aggressive nature of the populace. Amongst longtime Seattle residents, yelling in public will usually result in the police being called, but feeding your neighbor’s dog laxative-laced hot dogs because they constantly mix trash with recycling is socially acceptable and appropriate.

Coffee is a huge deal in Seattle. Whether you want to visit the original Starbucks, or a small roaster in Belltown, there are many options to choose from. While not the cheapest option, these smaller cafes offer a real look into Seattle culture.

One cannot talk about Seattle without talking about the great outdoors. With Olympic National Park an hour away, along with the Cascades, Seattle is a great destination for those with a passion for hiking, camping and of course water sports.

Culture and the arts is one sector that Seattle really flourishes. Broadway shows, years after successful touring, eventually add Seattle to their city list right before those productions get optioned by casinos and the like. The city’s symphony is one of the best in the nation.

One of the things many longtime residents of Seattle will tell visitors about is the city’s “vibe” of laid-back acceptance. Indeed, Seattle is known for its bland, yet polite, culture, making it a pleasantly impersonal place to spend a few years before graduating, if desired, to a bigger city with more opportunities. Generally speaking, this isn’t because Seattle is more civil than a city such as New York, but rather possessed of a more pressing desire to remain fashionably disinterested and jaded towards the rest of humanity. If you wish to become lost and ignored in a medium sized urban setting, Seattle is a place worth serious consideration.

Seattle is a great destination for anyone looking for a truly unique city experience, whether it’s art, culture, or just getting in touch with your odd self. It is a land of contrasts, from semi-urban center to lush temperate rain forests. Seattle has a little something for everyone.

Author Jeff Hammerberg is the Founding CEO of Free Instant Access to Seattle gay realtors, and the Nation's Top Gay, Lesbian and Gay Friendly Realtors Coast to Coast. FREE Buyers Representation ~ Free Relocation Kit to any City, USA ~ Free Sellers Market Analysis for home sellers.

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