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Gay realtor Seattle knows the value of upselling your home when it is on the market; it only takes a few special touches to make it show like a model home. The good news is that you can do all of this for less than $200.00.

Tip number one is to get rid of the clutter. Take away all the knick knacks, ashtrays and anything that makes the house look too much like it is lived in. You should also get rid of all piles of papers, stacks of books and junk in your yard.

Tip two is to get rid of any evidence that a cat has lived there. Dogs do not have a great reputation but cats have an even worse one because the urine leaves an ammonia scent and many people are allergic to cat dander. Dog waste in the yard is another big “don’t.” 

Yet another tip is to paint any rooms that look shabby / dull in a neutral color. This makes your home look cleaner. While you’re at it, patch any holes in the walls.

It is also a good idea to get rid kid clutter. Get rid of kiddy pools, toys and strollers in the front hallways. Clean the walls of crayon marks and handprints and remove kiddy gates and high chairs. These things make the home look too lived in and may result in a lower offer.

A simple and quite cheap fix is to change the doorknobs, light-plates, perhaps kitchen cabinet knobs, etc. This can make a house look more contemporary. Even more effective is to change larger light fixtures like chandeliers. To seriously update a bathroom or kitchen try adding unique and sleek looking faucets.  Replacing the shower head in the bathroom with something sinuous and metallic is also a good idea.

It also does not hurt to spruce up the front door with a few ornamental bushes and flowers. Make sure the grass is cut and that the garden has been weeded. Do not try to sell a house with a rickety door or cracked sidewalks ~ curb appeal, that very first impression is ever lasting… make it good.

Finally, potential buyers really do respond to the way a house smells. If they do not like the way it smells, they are not going to buy. If you know that you will be having a showing, take the trouble to light a few candles to give the entire home a very pleasant smell… but don’t over-do it.

Of course if you do have the funds, you can hire a professional to help stage your home if necessary. Any of the fine Seattle gay realtors will be happy to do a free pre-listing walk-through to give you tips, tricks and ideas to make your home shine.

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