Richmond, Virginia Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Richmond Gay Neighborhoods

Richmond, VA, is the state’s capital and home to more than 200,000 people.  The city has a number of historical sites and played a major role in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, providing history buffs with plenty to see and do. 

Richmond is also home to many different artistic endeavors.  One of these is the Richmond Triangle Theater, a major LGBT community theater that hosts many plays during the year. In 2008, the city added a new gay community center that includes, in addition to meeting spaces, a large art gallery. 

Richmond has two LGBT neighborhoods: the Fan and the Museum District.  The Fan features a number of sidewalk cafes and other small shops.  It’s a historic area that’s near downtown, but yet far enough away from the hustle that it’s very quiet and peaceful.  It’s near Virginia Commonwealth University, so a number of students often live here.  Condos in The Fan range from $135,000 to $579,000.  Single family homes range from $200,000 to $1.5 million.

The Museum District, named because it’s near the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, is considered a fairly affordable area.  It’s also home to Carytown, a major outdoor shopping area.  Condos here start at $135,000, with more expensive options in the $330,000 range.  Single family homes are a bit more expensive, with the cheaper end hovering around $250,000 and the more expensive homes averaging around $495,000.

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