Norfolk, VA Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Norfolk Gay Neighborhoods

Norfolk, Virginia, is the second-largest city in the state.  As you’d expect, it has a fairly good sized LGBT population.  Norfolk has undergone something of a major revival in some areas, especially in the urban center of the city.  Granby Street, once the center of the city’s commercial district, has declined, but the abandoned warehouses and other buildings in downtown Norfolk are now being demolished and replaced with condos, office buildings, and more. 

There are two main gay neighborhoods in Norfolk.  The first is Ghent.  This area is very progressive and features a number of LGBT-owned businesses.  The homes in Ghent tend to be older, but they’ve been kept up very well and are very beautiful.  Prices for condos in this district start at $113,000 and top out at $269,000.  Single family homes range from $190,000 to $1.3 million for a huge mansion.

The other area is Lafayette.  Homes in this district sit on the Lafayette River.  It’s near the downtown area and a number of restaurants and shops.  Neighbors are very friendly, and the community is fairly close-knit.  There are very few condos for sale in this part of Norfolk, but there are a good number of very affordable homes.  They start at $70,000 and range to $400,000.

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