Gay Realtor Alexandria, VA – Living in a Historical and Cultural Center

Alexandria is a city of 147,391 located along the Western bank of the Potomac River. This slightly posh and very civilized community is only six miles south of downtown Washington DC.  Most of the people who live here are civil servants or in the U.S. military, or work for companies that provide services for the U.S. government. This is a traditional place that was first established in 1695 by the English as a conglomerate of tobacco fields.  Many bloody battles were also fought here during the American Civil War.

The neighborhoods in Alexandria are compact, wealthy and very walk able. Geographically the city is bounded on the east by the Potomac River and in the north and south by Fairfax County. This charming place contains over 4,200 historic buildings that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries including homes, churches, museums and shops. It is very easy to get around in Alexandria it offers citizens and tourists a ride for free on the King Street Trolley.

As it is so close to the center of U.S. government this city, often seen as a suburb of D.C., is kept very clean. The historic center of the city is known of Old Town and consists of a concentration of antique shops, boutiques, restaurants, and theaters that serve as a major draw for tourists visiting the area. Old Town has one of the oldest operating market squares in the world as well as many historic buildings including General Robert Lee’s boyhood home.  This area is also very nicely gentrified with many older buildings merged with glass to create contemporary lofts and artist spaces. One of the centerpieces of this area is the Torpedo Factory art studio complex.

Just west of the Old Town is the city’s oldest residential neighborhood and it is a showcase of early twentieth century home styles. The Washington National Masonic Memorial is part of this posh neighborhood that contains many beautiful Victorian houses.

On the north side of Old Town is The Berg which is a community of mostly African Americans and characterized by many monolithic section eight housing units. Just east of that is the Arlania area that is very diverse and famous for its Hispanic, Thai and Vietnamese owned restaurants, bakeries and bookstores.  This is one of the more artier and LGBT-friendly neighborhoods in Alexandria.  Northwest of this is the community of Del Ray; a very popular neighborhood that has been rehabilitated significantly and that hosts an annual Art on the Avenue Street Festival.

The West end of Alexandria consists of low-priced rental units and some single-family homes sprawling along winding roads and cul-de-sac. Its many strip malls and enclosed shopping mall as well as a large population of Ethiopian, Afghanistan and Pakistani immigrants mark the area.

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