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Salt Lake City is much more liberal in attitude towards diverse lifestyles than is first apparent. It is an eclectic place where members of the religious right seem to mix in with hipsters, urban farmers and members of LGBTQ community without much problem.  The city is also a cultural haven with a vibrant theater and film community, many concert venues and hundreds of fine restaurants.

The housing in Utah is also affordable with many of these neighborhoods connected by a state of the art rapid-transit rail system.   The city is built on an easy to navigate grid system with the Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square being at the center of the town.

Perhaps the friendliest gay neighborhood in Salt Lake City is the Marmalade District. This is a very friendly diverse neighborhood is located in the North and East of the city adjacent to downtown.  This area was first dubbed Salt Lake City’s “gayborhood” in 2000 according to our Gay Real Estate Agent Salt Lake City.  The Utah Stonewall Center, which is the Gay & Lesbian community center of Salt Lake City has been here since 1991.

The Marmalade District gets its name from the apricot and pear trees that are still in the area and that used to be part of a huge agricultural industry in the area.  This area is also home to many of the city’s gay clubs and café houses.

The downtown area of Capitol Hill, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, is also very gay-friendly.  The cupola of the 19th Ward Chapel dominates the area’s skyline, which is now the headquarters of the Salt Lake Acting Company. In this neighborhood, rainbow flags fly openly on the street corners. However housing is quite expensive here because the homes here are so old and historic.

There is a thriving neighborhood in the South part of Utah that boasts open space, a park on every corner and many privately owned businesses.  The homes here are built around the intersection of the two streets, which has many ethnic eateries and art gallery and many boutiques and bookstores.

Another gay-friendly, but not as openly gay neighborhood in Utah, is Glendale which has a very ethnically diverse character and the wonderful  markets restaurants to go with it. This inexpensive area, that is West of the Interstate reaching to the city limits, that is slowly being regentrified with renovations and the enhancing of green space.

Finding the neighborhood that is perfect for you is a matter of consulting with a resident Salt Lake City gay realtor who knows the real estate scene well.  For more information about Salt Lake City, its features and attractions visit  

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