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Gay Realtors Houston Advise on Buying Golf Course Homes

Gay realtors Houston has advice for home buyers who have always dreamed of living on or near one of Houston’s many golf courses. Before you become the delighted owner of a home near a golf course there are things you need to know about this type of investment.  Usually investing in golf-course real estate is a great idea because these types of homes tend to appreciate over time. They tend to be newer homes that are larger and more contemporary in design so they do not have many repairs or other issues.

Gay realtors Houston reminds buyers to weigh out the desirability of this type of home versus the likelihood of the golf course closing in the near future.  Usually the one main value determining how much this type of home is worth is the proximity to the golf course. If the golf course goes under then your home could depreciate. Instead of having a view of a beautiful green course you could end up looking at a browning field of weeds when the land is no longer irrigated. 

If you are going to buy a golf-course property then we advise choosing a home in a community that is near other amenities as well such as a equestrian centers, café societies with art galleries and shops, or near downtown.  Like most properties in Houston the golf club property is probably worth more if it is a gated community and if it is located in a suburb that is located closer to downtown.

Homes that are located right on the course are always worth a little more than those located a little further away from it. Although beware ~ noise, lost golfers and golf balls plopping into your swimming pool will be a fact of life. To make a home right on a course more desirable sellers should consider building a hedge or fence to block out some of the noise. However make sure that the fence is situated in a way that allows you to still have a great view of the course as views of rolling green hills are one of the things that makes this type of property so valuable.

It is also a good idea to invest in a property with a brand name designed course. Courses designed by a signature like Jack Nicklaus or by a renowned landscaper tend to stay in business and appreciate in value quicker than those built by people who are less known. If the golf course has a high initiation fee then it is likely that it will appreciate in value over time rather than sink into bankruptcy. Look to buy on a course that has an initiation fee of at least $30,000.

Ultimately gay realtors Houston recommend locating in a golf course community that is owned by a developer that is not likely to go belly up at any time ~ do your homework, demand to look at the financials. Investing in a newer property in a newer development is always a risk, choosing an older course that is established and has been around for at least a decade minimizes this.