Dallas, TX, Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Dallas Gay Neighborhoods

Dallas, Texas, is the third-largest city in Texas with its population of 1.1 million. Beyond that, it’s one of the two central cities of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, a huge economic center that spans 12 counties and is home to more than 7 million people. This massive area is the fourth-most populous in the U.S.

Dallas is known for many things, including its museums, architecture, and acceptance of LGBT individuals. It has the sixth largest LGBT community in the country and is known for being home to the Cathedral of Hope, a huge church that is predominantly made up of LGBT Christians.

There are two main LGBT neighborhoods in Dallas. The first is Oak Lawn. This area is located near downtown and is full of small cafes, bars, and other LGBT-owned businesses. Homes here range from $160,000 to $8.6 million. Condos can cost anywhere from $150,000 to $5.7 million.

Then there’s the Bishop Arts district, a small shopping area located in the larger neighborhood of Oak Cliff. This area has been slowly renovated over the years, and today it’s become a major entertainment district rather than home to warehouses as it once was. Condos here are priced at around $200,000. Single family homes can range from $115,000 to $330,000.

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