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Austin, Texas is an incredibly progressive and urbane metropolis. Like many cities in the United States, the closer you are to the downtown area, the more likely you are to see evidence of integration of the LGBT community with the general population.  The highest density of gay population is in the zip code of 78704, which is in the South Congress area.

Gay realtors Austin top friendly area is Clarksville that is just north of West Sixth Street and bordered by West 15th Street and the MoPac expressway. This neighborhood is best described as a “taste of urban living in the old world.”  A lot of the original architecture from the late 1800s and onwards has been kept intact here.  The Clarksville neighborhood, which is also sometimes called “The West End” is also called the Design District and is home to many artists and foodies.  Clarksville has a commercial strip on West Lynn Street that gives the area a village-like fee.  There are bakeries, cafes and many boutiques.

A more expensive but definitely LGBT friendly area to live is downtown Austin. This is bordered by Sixth Street, Dunant Park, Town Lake and Highway 35. The area is known for its nightclubs, shopping, urban plazas and farmer’s markets. It is also known for its film festivals and open-air classical music. It is mostly condos and lofts that are for sale in this Austin, Texas neighborhood.

A very hip neighborhood is in the “SoCo Neighborhood”, which is short for South Congress.  This is an area just north of the downtown area over the South Congress bridge that is in a positive phase of development.  Once a place of seedy hotels it is now home to many new condos and artist’s lofts. The area is also well known for its fabulous and funky junk stores, bars and coffee shops. Many of the restaurants in the area have retained their original vintage interiors.  A good example is the Magnolia Café, which is the same as it was when it was first a hippie hang-out in the sixties.

If you are looking for a prestigious but peaceful address in Austin then Tarrytown is the place to investigate. This area is bounded by 35th street , Enfield, MoPac and Lake Austin.  The area is mostly filled with large gracious houses but new developments have also sprung up over the past few years.  The area now boasts many affordable condos, apartment conversions and duplexes for rent. 

Affordable mid-century style homes can be found in the Barton Hills neighborhood of Austin. This area was mainly built up in the 1940s and the homes, with their large yards and davenports reflect this.  There are many shopping centers in the area as well as a strip called “restaurant row” with many chic coffee shops and eating spots.

There are several very gay-friendly neighborhoods in Austin but the attitudes can shift from block to block in some places so it is a very good idea to retain the advice of a really good Austin gay realtor who has spent some time living in the area and is up to date on the very best places to move to in Austin, Texas.

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