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Gay Real Estate Austin Fix and Flip Advice

Gay real estate Austin realizes that fixing and flipping houses is not as popular as a few years ago but it can still be a way to get rich if you are good at finding properties that are “diamonds in the rough” and if you have enough cash on hand to give the property the updates/improvements it needs, so that it can be sold for a higher price to maximize profits.

With regards to gay real estate Austin, you are best to find properties that are run-down but in good neighbourhoods ~ If all of the surrounding properties have a high value then you are looking in the right place! If all of the properties in one area are decrepit then you could be wasting your time fixing up the home. That is because a majority of buyers are not interested in areas, so your buyer pool is smaller and resale time is longer. Gay real estate Austin suspects this is because most people who buy flipped properties are buying them as owner occupants that want to buy a home 100% finished.

You should also have professional inspections done on any home purchase. If the base structure of the house is poor, then you might have a full load of work ahead of you. Sometimes you can be blindsided by a home that needs a great deal of rewiring or all of its pipes replaced. Other issues that can creep up on you and cost much more than you expected are the presence of pests, leaky or sagging roofs, flooding basements and homes that are sliding off of the foundation.

When eyeing this type of home think about how you can add more space to the kitchen, make the main living areas an open concept or attach the outdoors to the indoors by adding patio doors. Having lots of storage, modern faucets and fixtures and wired in internet service can really help sell a house.

It also helps if you try to buy a home that already has a good layout; however it seems to be a law of the housing market that homes with really bad layouts will always be the ones that are cheapest, and available. If the layout is really bad then think in terms of knocking out a wall to make the home open concept ~ an easy project with maximum results and return.

If you are trying to sell the home to occupants then make sure who your market is in the area. Is the property located in an artistic part of town where there is a cafe society or is it located in a family neighbourhood?  In fact it helps to add a few things to the home to make it more attractive to the demographic that is buying in this area. For instance, if the property is located in an area that is great for young families living in their first home then by all means put a slide and a swing set in the back yard.

Finally gay real estate Austin experts advise you to make sure that the property you are buying to flip really is going to be a bargain in the end. Never dismiss how expensive rehabbing a home can be.