2014’s Top Austin, TX LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Gay Austin Texas

While much of Texas is conservative, Austin is one of the liberal centers of the state.  If asked, many Austin residents probably wouldn’t be able to point you to the gay neighborhoods.  That’s because the entire city is very LGBT-friendly.  However, there are a few areas that have become home to a good number of the city’s gay and lesbian population.

Central East Austin, which is near the downtown area, is one of the most popular LGBT areas.  It’s also one of the country’s fastest gentrifying areas, so some of the families have lived in East Austin for decades.  Homes in this area are expensive—a house can cost anywhere from $264,000 to $2 million.

Clarksville has always been a major gathering place for the LGBT community of Austin.  It’s also close to downtown and is a very accepting area.  A good number of businesses are owned by LGBT individuals.  Homes in this area tend to be a mixture of bungalows, historical houses, and modern homes.  Homes start out at $219,900 and can be as expensive as $1.6 million dollars.

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