Nashville, TN Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Nashville Gay Neighborhoods

Nashville—the home of country music!  The capital city of Tennessee has everything an up-and-coming country music star could dream of, which is why many young singers move to the city.  As more and more people become accepting of gays and lesbians, more of these singers are coming out.  Some of them may even want to look for a home in East Nashville, the part of the city where most of the gay and lesbian residents make their home.

East Nashville is a diverse, historical area.  The homes are absolutely gorgeous here and feature some very interesting architecture.  The area has a number of LGBT-owned restaurants, cafes, and small coffee shops, plus there are some great parks to take children to. 

Condos in this area tend to be priced around $350,000.  Single-family homes are also a little on the expensive side and range from $350,000 to $430,000.

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