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Nashville, a city known as the "Music City", is a well known city around the world, not only within the United States, a city of great music and the heart of the country music world. Gay realtor Nashville states that even if Nashville doesn't come to mind as a preferred gay destination it may surprise many to learn that the second largest city of the state of Tennessee offers many options for our LGBT community. Nashville is an important and key city in the state and as the capitol offers a variety of beautiful neighborhoods in a city with a subtropical climate, with mild winters, humid summers and long and lush springs and autumns. According to gay realtor Nashville the gay friendly neighborhoods in Nashville tend to concentrate in East Nashville.

East Nashville is an area on the rise and becoming more and more a revitalized area with neat coffee shops and restaurants. The homes are old, rich in history and architecture, with a lot of flavor and charm. The whole East Nashville area has a lot of character provided by the wonderful older homes adorned, many of them, with pride flags. The neighborhood is a walk-able one with many opportunities for the fitness driven dweller, and facilitates which offer contact with the neighbors, to get to know them.

Although East Nashville is the first choice for many people there a number of other areas very welcoming for the LGBT community. The neighborhoods include Germantown, Salemtown, Sylvan Park, 12 South (12th Avenue South) and Hillsboro Village. All of them are friendly areas with very diverse residents and living arrangements. Vandy and Hillsboro are neighborhoods with lots of college students that come and go and make for a very young, open and vibrant area.

The gay business district as reported by gay realtor Nashville is located in Midtown, along Church Street. Nightlife on Church Street can last the whole night ~ almost all days of the week. Church Street offers great places for fun, entertainment, great ambiance and good food like Play and its next door Tribe and Canvas. East Nashville also offers some fun opportunities, Mad Donnas, a restaurant and lounge and Lipstick Lounge among them. For restaurant options, Cafe Coco opens twenty four hours and places with names as appealing as Suzy Wong's House of Yum offer excellent food in a very relaxed environment.

Nashville is on the map as much more than music, it is place that can be called home.

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