Memphis’ 2014 Top LGBT Neighborhoods and Home Prices

Memphis Gay Friendly Neighborhoods

Memphis, Tennessee, is the largest city in the stated despite the fact that it’s the youngest of the major cities in Tennessee.  Memphis is home to the Outflix Film Festival, a major LGBT film festival, now in its fifteenth year. 

Even though Memphis is located in the South, an area that isn’t always friendly to the LGBT community, the city is very welcoming. 

Memphis has one major LGBT neighborhood: the Midtown/Downtown area.  Midtown features a number of older homes and historic areas, while Downtown is full of businesses, entertainment, and art galleries.  Overall, it’s a stylish neighborhood that’s very diverse and relaxed.  A nice condo in the area starts at $118,000; the more expensive ones may run around $220,000.  Single family homes in Midtown can cost anywhere from $58,000 to $419,000.  Overall, it’s a fairly inexpensive area.

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