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Though Tennessee may be ranked fairly low on the list of gay-friendly states, the Memphis area has always had a reputation for being open-minded and accepting according to gay realtors Memphis. For this reason, many young gay and lesbian couples have a reason to seek to relocate to this area.

Memphis offers a very lively and active gay bar scene, including such famous places as The Pumping Station, The Backstreet Night Club, Crossroads, Dru’s Place, The Jungle, and Madison Flame. Each bar caters primarily to a specific type of gay man, so the options for someone seeking to find a special someone are very diverse and varied.

For travelers seeking a place to settle down, the best places to do so in the Memphis, Tennessee area would be Germantown, Cooper-Young, Cordova, and Midtown.

The Cordova Area, near Memphis, was originally a very small farming community which only featured around 150 individuals. Over time, it would face a giant population boon to become one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the entire state. The Cordova area, though open-minded, has a strong religious background and would probably be an area best-suited for older gay couples looking to settle down and lead a quiet family life.

Gay realtors Memphis report Germantown, Tennessee, not far from Memphis, is the ideal destination for the young LGBT community. Germantown’s nightlife not only bustles with life and color from the city’s many gay friendly bars and dance clubs, it also is chiefly dominated by retail and commercial outlets, which means that Germantown is a supreme shopping destination. This area may be suitable for the younger generation gay person who still enjoys parties, dancing, and has enough money to spend on dining out, theatre and luxurious, expensive clothing. Not only does Germantown offer a very relaxed lifestyle in terms of fun and entertainment, it also offers an alternative job market, since it is a fairly urbanized, non-industrial area.

Lastly, the Cooper-Young neighborhood of Memphis Tennessee could be considered the premiere art district in the area. Gay realtors Memphis tell us every fall, the neighborhood kicks off seasonal celebrations with a large-scale event it calls the Cooper-Young Festival. This festival not only features live music and dancing, but it also is host to a large number of arts vendors, crafts vendors, and features a staggering 4-mile marathon. It is one of the Memphis area’s largest festivals, and would be a great place for the younger, art-minded LGBT member to find a suitable place to call home.

Memphis is a large musical center, home of Sun Studio where Elvis recorded his first song ever.

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