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Gay realtor Memphis recommends that you research neighbourhoods with the help of a free relocation kit before moving here. There are many gentrified communities in this town that are up and coming and that are attractive to property investors and home owners alike.

The bustling downtown area that is full of coffee houses, shops and bars is known as Midtown. The area is full of grand Victorian homes and also smaller mid-century homes and apartment buildings. This is also the artsy area of town that is known for its hip music and art scene.  Most of the city’s independent and alternative book, record and clothing stores are also located in this area.  It is just ten minutes east of downtown which makes it quite a convenient place for commuters to live.  Attractions in this area also include the Memphis Zoo, the Pink Palace Museum, the Memphis Roller Derby and the Brooks Museum of Art.

If you are looking for that quaint, older small-town feel then consider buying in the upscale area of Collierville. This area is less polluted and busy than downtown Memphis. It is located about thirty miles from the centre of town. This area has many trendy shops, a big park with bike and hiking trails and many department stores, restaurants and boutiques.

About a half an hour from downtown Memphis is another subdivision called Cordova. This is one of the fastest growing communities. It’s motto is “Farms, Flowers, Fellowship.”  There is running, biking, fishing and horse riding facilities in this neighbourhood as well. If you are looking for a quieter area not far from downtown then gay realtor Memphis recommends looking at this area.

If you like antique shops, gay realtor Memphis recommends that you check out Hernando in DeSoto county. It is ten miles south of Memphis and is known for it’s quaint town square that has charming boutiques, a cafe society and great restaurants.  It also has a thriving cultural life that includes festivals, musicals and rodeos.

If you love living in an area with plenty of green spaces then you might want to live in Germantown. It used to be an outpost on the Charleston railway but now it is a sophisticated suburb that is near to sports complexes, parks and pools. It is near the Wolf River Nature Area and a dog Park called Forgery Park. There are over forty musical and theatrical performances hosted in this area that is located about fifteen miles east of Downtown Memphis.

If you are moving to Memphis because you are a fan of kitsch and Elvis Presley then gay realtor Memphis recommends moving to the oldest section of town. South Memphis is a historical music mecca and the home of Elvis Presley’s Graceland. This area is filled with fancy Greek Revival Homes and other campy architecture; however as it is quite a famous tourist district it can be difficult to find affordable housing here. This area also includes Orange Mound which is the first neighbourhood in the United States to be built by African Americans.

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