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Providence is one of the first cities established in the United States (in 1636) and it has been in the businesses of higher learning, jewelry and silverware ever since.  It is situated at the mouth of the Providence River on Narragansett Bay and has very old narrow irregular streets that have existed for a few centuries. The city is known for its exceptional examples of Federal and Victorian styles as well it’s 1980s copper domed post-modern eighties office buildings.  The downtown boasts many buildings from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s that are incredible examples of early Art Deco skyscrapers.   There is most certainly a lot of eye candy here for the property buyer or investor who loves architecture.

This city is physically beautiful with pleasant weather and three rivers running through downtown. There are over 1200 acres of parks for the nature-lover to enjoy and you can bicycle out of town and all over the island on over a hundred miles of networked bike paths and nature trails.  It is also a center for literature and art with the impressive Rhode Island School of Design Museum being a central feature.  Another site of interests is the Westminster Arcade, which is the oldest enclosed shopping center in the United States.

Most of the gay action is in the downtown, which is the LGBT hub of the city and also the artsy area.  The hippest street is Westminster Street, which has been refurbished and is now lined one-of-a-kind shops and artist studios.  Westminster Street leads people down to the city’s upscale board walk, which has many canals, boat rides and a special art Waterfire Festival where bonfires are lit on the water.

Just west of the downtown on Federal Hill is the area’s gay-friendly Little Italy area, which also has many nightclubs with drag shows and dancing. The average listing price of a home in Federal Hill as of July 2013 was $196,422.00.  Go west of that and you will find cheaper homes in areas that are being gentrified. In West End Providence the average listing price of a home is $134,644.00.

Across the river is a small, artsy “gayborhood” around Wickendon Street which also has many cafes, antique shops and parks near the Providence River.  There are many gay owned businesses in that are including; Fellini’s Pizzeria and the gift store known as Curatorium.  There are also many gay cafes and hangouts including a main-stay cruising coffeehouse called the Reflections Café.  The naughtiest area in town is Allens Avenue, which has a Montreal-style strip joint for gays called Trixx and the Club Gallery, which is a lesbian hotspot.

Even though the entire city is progressive and LGBT friendly it is a good idea to consult with a resident Providence gay realtor to find the home that best suits your  specific needs.  For more information about the attractions, architecture and economy of this LGBT positive place to live go to the Official website of the City of Providence, Rhode Island at

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